A master class in uranium… and the best risk/reward setup I’ve ever seen

This is the best risk/reward setup I’ve ever seen in my investing career… And nothing is a close second.

Technical factors involving geopolitics and an ETF rebalancing have masked dramatically improved fundamentals in the uranium and nuclear power industries…

And the market is asleep at the switch.

That means you can still get up to speed and prepare for the uranium bull market.

My guests today are Bannerman Resources CEO Brandon Munro and 50-year nuclear engineering veteran Malcolm Rawlingson. Join us [9:33] as we dissect nuclear power demand… primary and secondary supply… enrichment/underfeeding… and the role China and Russia play in the nuclear fuel cycle.

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best risk/reward opportunities

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uranium market

Making sense of the great uranium disconnect

With the Section 232 decision on uranium behind us… the uranium market’s fundamentals look strong. So why aren’t equity prices reflecting that? Adam Rodman, chief investment officer of Segra Capital, sifts through the noise to uncover what’s really going on in the uranium market...
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