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Have the Tesla Bulls Lost Their Minds?

Some things seem to make so much sense… until you take a closer look under the hood… And then they make no sense at all.

Take Tesla, the electric vehicle (EV) car company, for example.

Tesla’s outspoken CEO Elon Musk has mesmerized throngs of followers… and scores of shareholders… with his vision for the car of the future.

After all, Tesla was years ahead of any real competition―and on a path to dominate the EV market.

But Musk’s plan was to build the Tesla brand with sales of high-end luxury EVs… and use those profits to build a “holy grail” mass-market EV.

Now—after countless delays—that mass-market vehicle has finally arrived. Tesla is ramping up production… and bulls are foaming at the mouth to prove the wait was well worth it.

My guest today is Stanphyl Capital Founder Mark B. Spiegel… a hedge fund manager known for his exhaustive analyses on both the long and short side.

Listen to find out why Mark thinks the Tesla bulls have lost their minds.

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