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A Portfolio Strategy That’s Much More Profitable Than “Hope”

Welcome back to Talking Stocks Over a Beer.

The markets are gyrating wildly…

Prices are being whipsawed by scary headlines ranging from trade wars to rising interest rates. It’s tough sledding out there.

Nearly everyone is focused on that noise and hoping their portfolio will weather the storm.

On this episode, we’ll talk about a portfolio strategy that’s much better than “hope.”

You’ll learn how to position yourself away from the crowd—into stocks and sectors that offer “heads I win a lot, tails I only lose a little” scenarios.

Today’s guest, Chris MacIntosh of Capital Exploits, shows you his methods for finding ideas with limited risk and massive upside.

Listen as we also discuss the potential impact to stocks from the strengthening China/Russia alliance… the impact inflation can have on your portfolio… and Chris’ best ideas in commodities…