An Insider’s Perspective on Where the Markets are Headed

Over the course of my career, I’ve learned that going against conventional wisdom often leads to the largest returns on investment…

That’s one of the reasons I so enjoyed my conversation with today’s guest on Talking Stocks Over a Beer.

Jonathan Tepper is a former Wall Street trader, economist, bestselling author, and the founder of independent research firm Variant Perception. He’s also a contrarian, like me.

But what I particularly appreciate about Jonathan is, unlike a lot of folks out there, he believes in backing up his theses with hard data—not just catchy headlines.

While Jonathan’s research is mostly for institutional investors and family offices, our discussion is easy to follow and informative for the individual investor.

Today, we go over everything from the U.S. dollar to inflation, demographics to deficits, and what Jonathan expects to see from the market going forward.

Jonathan also explains why he looks for “turning points” in the markets to maximize gains—and highlights some indicators, like market liquidity, you should always pay attention to…

We cover a lot of ground on today’s show… so let’s get started.

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