Crypto Speculation, Value Creation, and the Newest New Thing

I’m OK with being an old-time value investor and short-seller.

And I know I can’t expect to stay on top of all the latest game-changing technologies.

So there comes a point where I’m forced to address my shortcomings without shame. Such is the case with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Today I welcome back Barry Cohen, a former hedge fund partner of mine and editor of the newly launched Curzio’s Crypto Intelligence.

For folks like me, Barry lifts the fog on what we need to know in this dynamic new asset class and evolving technology…

He’s the expert we need in these exciting times.

I’ll talk to Barry about:

  • Hedge fund basics
  • Cryptocurrency speculation versus value creation
  • Potential landmines to avoid
  • ICOs: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Utility tokens
  • And the new new thing: security tokens

Let’s demystify the crypto landscape together.

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This incredibly valuable piece of equipment makes trading and making money from cryptos much, much simpler.

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