Ep. 498: Frankly Speaking: You’re Getting Paid to Wait…

Welcome back to another episode of Frankly Speaking!

My new newsletter, Curzio Research Advisory, is just a couple weeks away…

And to start off today’s episode, I need to clear up some confusion.

Listeners will hear all about my special offer, how to sign up, and a general description of what the newsletters entails.

And as you’ll hear, there’s more to it than just stock picks…

Moving on, today’s main segment covers one of the most hated stocks on Wall Street – Target (TGT).

All the analyst are negative… the price is sitting at multi-year lows… and the retail sector is spiraling downwards.

I always advise my listeners to “never catch a falling knife” but for Target, this isn’t the case anymore.

Tune in as I explain why the risk/reward looks favorable. There are 3 major catalysts that I believe will finally drive this depressed stock higher.

Other topics talked about include: Why the automation trend is good thing, despite less manpower… And the importance of “boots on the ground” research.

Special thanks to Christian, Luke, John, Evan, and Mike.

Keep the questions coming!


Stocks Mentioned

  • 3M Company (MMM)
  • Target Corporation (TGT)
  • AT&T Inc. (T)
  • Delta Air Lines (DAL)
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)
  • The Boeing Company (BA)


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