Ep. 570: Frankly Speaking | My Top 8 Online Financial Resource Tools

In this and every episode of Frankly Speaking, we discuss your top questions about the markets, stocks, the economy – even sports.

This week (11/17/2017):

My top online research tools & why I use them…The rebalancing of GE & their recent dividend cut… My favorite funds & names to follow… a quick 13F analysis in real-time

Questions & Comments:

    1. What are some of your favorite places to research stocks and find new ideas?” • Paul [00:57]

    2. Hey Frank, you may finally be right about GE. There’s “blood in the streets” and nobody, ANYwhere, will say a single good thing about the company.” • Matt [16:15]

    3. “Frank, you always talk about 13F’s and how they’re a great source to find stocks. But this information is dated – showing only positions fund managers purchased over the past 3 months. They may not even be in these stocks anymore. Maybe it’s NOT a good idea to follow these fund managers. Thoughts?” • Chad [26:49]

As always, thanks to everyone who participated!

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Good Investing,

Frank Curzio

Links & Resources

  • Here’s the list of ALL my favorite online financial research tools & sources
  • Listen to last week’s full rant (beginning of show) on how crazy the market is right now, especially during earnings season.
  • Learn more about 13f’s HERE – and why I use them almost every quarter to discover stocks.
  • Be sure to check out the new Curzio Research Facebook page – where I’ll now be providing live videos, educational material, and in-house interviews!

Stocks Mentioned

  • KKR (KKR)
  • Sprint (S)
  • Twitter (TWTR)
  • Etsy Inc. (ESTY)
  • Alphabet (GOOG)
  • Micron Technology (MU)
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX)


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