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Ep. 494: Frankly Speaking: Tesla Debunked

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Frankly Speaking!

For the most part, today’s show is not too different from others. Well, aside from one thing…

I’ve got a headache.

And although there’s a lot to cover… today I take a moment to step away from the market-talk. No “shots fired” or anything, but there’s just a few things I need to clear up. And every once in awhile it’s a bit more fun hosting a show – without any filter.

I use this occasion to talk about the last newsletter I worked for… one of the biggest insurance scams in the world… and my apparent faulty claims on Boeing’s automation front.

As for the markets…

Last week, I touched base on one of the largest bubbles on planet – Chinese real-estate. Time to short? …Not so fast. On today’s show, I dig a little deeper. And by looking at the big picture, this is a situation that almost makes too much sense.

Tune in as I explain why investors need to pump their brakes on this particular trade…

Then, for today’s main segment, I talk about about the one and only – Tesla (TSLA). And why anything you read on this stock, you must take with a grain of salt. This is not a buy, or sell. In fact, I’m indifferent… But at least I tell the truth.

Special thanks to Matt, Jake, Michael, Brian, and Joseph.

Keep the questions coming!


Stocks Mentioned

  • The Boeing Company (BA)
  • Celgene Corporation (CELG)
  • Biogen Inc. (BIIB)
  • Amgen Inc. (AMGN)
  • Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)
  • Netflix (NFLX)
  • Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR)



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