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Mike Alkin: The Big Announcement (and exclusive Q&A)

“Don’t confuse a brand you know for a company you should own…”        – Mike Alkin

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Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

This week’s guest is Mike Alkin – Curzio Research’s newest Senior Analyst and Editor of—I can finally say it—Moneyflow Trader.

On today’s show, you asked — we answer.

Mike and I go over the questions you posted we didn’t get to answer on this week’s video training series… while giving you a hefty sneak peek at what’s ahead for Moneyflow Trader.

Topics and questions covered on the show include:

  • Mike’s bearish and bullish sectors of 2018
  • A mini masterclass on how to think about risk… both from a macro perspective, and for each individual position you hold.
  • The art of the exit, and the age-old question of when to sell
  • And the very personal reasons Mike left the hedge fund world to start a newsletter for “little guy” investors like us…

As we approach a tipping point in today’s eight-year bull market, don’t miss out on what this hedge-fund vet has to say about the so-called S&P 500 and 401k “safe” plays.

You heard it here first.

Good investing,

Frank Curzio

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