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Ep. 568: Frankly Speaking | A merger arbitrage opportunity in Alterra?

In this and every episode of Frankly Speaking, we discuss your top questions about the markets, stocks, the economy – even sports.    

This week (11/10/2017):

One of the most manipulative yet completely legal occurrences on Wall Street… A little hate mail… How to play volatile earnings… A merger arbitrage opportunity in Alterra?

Questions & Comments:

1.) “Nice rant on wednesday. Seems like every week one of my stocks is getting trashed by these short reports. I’m not sure which firms are legit and which ones are the short scammers… hard to know which short sellers to trust when everything seems so manipulated. I’d like to know if you’re in my corner.” • Wade [00:50]

2.) “Frank, I decided that listening to your podcast was a waste of time given the amount of time you spend ranting about sports (bashing baseball mostly). I have stopped listening and have turned my attention elsewhere.” • Grant [08:30]

3.) “I’ve never seen a more wild earnings season for individual stocks than we’re having over the past few months. A handful of stocks on my watchlist are up or down more than 20% just today! Plus, at an index level – it’s the lowest volatility on record. Something has got to give?” • Erold [13:27]

4.) “My question is on Alterra Power (AXY). I’ve been a shareholder since before the reverse split. Now that it’s known it’s going to sell for $8.25 per share (because they’re getting bought out), and it’s currently $7.70 per share – Would it make sense to buy under the sell price before the sell date?” • Jonathan [24:33]


As always, thanks to everyone who participated!

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Good Investing,

Frank Curzio

Links & Resources

Stocks Mentioned

  • AeroVironment (AVAV)
  • Corindus Vascular Robotics (CVRS)
  • International Business Machines (IBM)
  • Alterra Energy (AXY)
  • Volatility S&P500 (VIX)
  • CBOE RUSSELL 2000 Volatility (RVX)
  • Celgene (CELG)


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