Ep. 486: Frankly Speaking: How to invest on my recommendations

Welcome back to another episode…

To start off today’s stream of questions, I explain to listeners one of the biggest misconceptions in investing.

The key to investing in any stock (not just the ones I recommend) comes down to just one simple trick – patience. Many listeners have learned the hard way so I wanted to fully address this once and for all.

Its extremely important that investors take their time on placing their bets. Meaning, if you do believe in a stock’s long-term position, don’t make a FULL investment all on the same day.

Tune in as I explain how this strategy is one of the best ways to avoid volatility in the markets. I guarantee your returns will see better results.

I then revisit my position on a stock that’s been beaten down tremendously. This stock was considered “the darling” of the biotech industry a little over a year ago. It went from being loved by analysts across the board, to now – hated.

I’ll be explaining why this biotech pioneer has the potential to rebound over the next 12 to 18 months.

Moving on to the next question, I talk about one of today’s biggest trends – Marijuana. David, a Colorado local, says the marijuana industry is booming and asks if now is the perfect time to invest…

I couldn’t disagree anymore.

If you own any marijuana stocks, be sure to listen as I break down the sector. Although we’ve seen a recent run-up in stock prices, I believe the industry will continue to face huge headwinds. These stocks are simply trades… NOT investments.

And finally, to end the episode, it’s Nike (NKE) vs. Under Armour (UA). Tune in as I pick my favorite out of the two for 2017.

Other topics include: A sneak peek for next week’s Wall Street Unplugged with CEO of Blackbird Energy (BBI.V), KKR‘s future earnings, and whether it’s too late to get in on Northern Dynasty (NAK).

Special thanks to Roland, Brandon, Matt, David, Dave, Nate, and Steve.

Keep the questions coming!

Links & Resources

Other Stocks mentioned

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMY)
  • Merck & Co (MRK)
  • Roche Holding AG (RHHBY)
  • Philip Morris International (PM)
  • Cameco Corporation (CCJ)
  • GW Pharmaceuticals plc (GWPRF)
  • First Mining Finance Corp. (FF.V)



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