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Ep. 488: Frankly Speaking: Officially The Greatest Company In The World

Welcome back to another episode of Frankly Speaking!

Keep the questions coming!

The first topic of the day covers the inevitable…

A recession.

The business economy is one big cycle. Historically speaking, the markets expand, contract, and recover… over and over again. Where do we stand today?

Well, theres been a lot of positives to takeaway from the markets recently.

So let’s take a closer look…

Earnings are growing by 8% thus far for nearly 70% of the S&P 500 companies… Wages are growing at the highest rate since 2009… And now, due to the Trump administration –  we’re looking at new regulations and a massive tax reform in the near future.

Trump, so far, has sent shockwaves throughout the market but the dollar continues to strengthen. As I explain in the show, the possibility of a near economic down cycle is slim – and way further out than I initially expected.

But let’s get back to the point… a recession is inevitable.

As investors, we want to stay aware of where the markets are heading. And although you don’t need to worry about another crisis anytime soon, you always want to be prepared.

So tune in as I tell listeners which stocks you need to own – during a recession, and while the market is falling.

Then, after a slew of earnings releases this week, there’s a few companies I wanted to go over…

The first company I break down is Facebook (FB) – what I now like to call the “the greatest company in the world.”

The social media giant just reported outstanding quarterly earnings and completely blew estimates out of the water. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is like the Bill Gates of the 90’s. Throughout my 20 years of financial research, I’ve never seen a company grow and dominate as quickly as Facebook has.

Although we may see a slight pull back in the stock price in the coming weeks… I explain why the sky is the limit for this company.

Chipotle (CMG), the other company I talk about on today’s show, experienced just the opposite as fas earnings go…

The company reported a 76% decrease in profits compared to this quarter a year ago. Since the release, the stock price is down nearly 20 points!

As investors, this might just be the drop we’ve been waiting for.

Also, there’s something I wanted to ask you (my subscribers)…

We need your help.

Before I sign off today and to end the episode, learn how you can contribute to my new blog.

Special thanks to David, Reuben, Rusty, Joe, Jack, and Rex…

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Other Stocks Mentioned

  • McEwen Mining (MUX)
  • BlackBird Energy (BBI.V)
  • Northern Dynasty (NAK)
  • Gold Miners ETF (GDX)
  • Amazon (AMZN)
  • Schlumberger (SLB)
  • Encana (ECA)
  • GoPro (GPRO)
  • FitBit (FIT)
  • International Business Machines (IBM)
  • Post Holdings (POST)
  • Boeing (BA).




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