Frank Curzio's WALL STREET UNPLUGGED Podcast

Ep. 385 – Frankly Speaking: Politics, Millennials, Bernie, Super Bowl Bets, Distressed Debt and AMZN

Welcome back to Wall Street Unplugged, where I answer any question that you, the audience may have.

We start today with a question from Chang who wants to talk politics.

The next is a comment from Justin who wants to explain Millennials and their student debt problems.

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John writes in and comments about Bernie Sanders.

Then, we have a question from Chris who wants to know about distressed debt.

Mike wants to know the next time Chris Mayer will be on the podcast

And our last question comes from M.T. who wants my thoughts on the 400 stores that Amazon (AMZN) is supposedly going to open.

As always, thanks for listening and good investing.