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Ep. 558: Frankly Speaking | Canadian Marijuana Industry Debunked

In this and every episode of Frankly Speaking, we discuss your top questions about the markets, stocks, the economy – even sports.

This week (10/06/2017):

A breakdown of the Steel industry… How Dodd Frank Act is now hurting consumers… Reasons for today’s “alarming” M&A numbers… The general scope of the Canadian marijuana market…

Questions & Comments:

  1. Is this the perfect storm brewing for Steel Dynamics (STLD)?”… – John [00:47]
  2. I finally get your rant about applying for a home loan… I’m currently purchasing a new home while trying to sell my current one and the amount of follow up documentation is a nightmare! Here’s my story.”… – John [05:58]
  3. “Recent financial crisis data has shown that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity is highest at business cycle peaks, resulting in bad investments. With today’s M&A numbers returning to levels similar to 2000 and 2007, are you concerned?”… – Tommy [13:49]
  4. Someone convinced my wife that Canadian marijuana stocks are worth a look (Canada is about to legalize marijuana on a federal level, unlike the situation in the U.S.). Can you share your thoughts on the Canadian marijuana industry in general, or anything about their popular cannabis stocks?”… – Tim [24:48]

As always, thanks to everyone who participated!

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Frank Curzio



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