Ep. 516: Frankly Speaking: When to Book Your Profits

Welcome back to another episode of Frankly Speaking.

Whenever I’m up on a stock, there always comes a time and place to take my profits off the table…

And unlike how we protect ourselves on the downside by the use of stop-loss orders… there is really no set formula on the upside, when it comes to booking profits.

The only answer remains in your initial investment thesis. And to start off today’s episode, I explain exactly what I mean.

I then discuss a stock that is now on my radar, only thanks to you – my readers who question-in. When I first looked at the stock, which is currently sitting at 7 cents, I laughed…

But it turns out this company makes a very interesting play.

It has all the factors I like:

The company has key projects under great jurisdictions… they have great investors and parters… and more important, they have an excellent management team in place.

In fact, the company’s most recent addition to their board of directors has come from one of the most successful publicly traded agriculture companies in the world – Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (POT).

Switching gears, I then break down the oil & gas industry as a whole.

OPEC is expected to extend cuts, more production will be coming offline, and investor sentiment continues to remain negative. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t buying opportunities…

And finally, although I might be stepping over my boundaries, to end today’s episode, I talk a little bit of politics. Excuse me for my rant… but I just had to say it.

Special thanks to Wade, Phil, Dominic, and Jesse. Keep the questions coming!

Thanks for tuning it and good investing,

Frank Curzio

Click here to read the entire show transcript (pdf)

Stocks Mentioned

  • Alexandria Mineral (ALXDF)
  • Potash (POT)
  • GoldMining (GOLD.V)
  • Schlumberger Limited (SLB)
  • Halliburton Company (HAL)
  • Perrigo Company (PRGO)


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