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Ep. 552: Frankly Speaking: Buy This Small Cap Biotech “Steal” Right Now

In this and every episode of Frankly Speaking, we discuss your top questions about the markets, stocks, the economy – even sports.

This week (09/15/2017):

A safe cyber-security play… The best way to buy stocks on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange)… Another small cap biotech steal

  1. “It’s been over a week since the Equifax (EFX) data breach and the stock has beaten down by roughly 25%. Should we buy the dip? …Or is there still more pain to come?” – Anthony [00:46]
  2. “Can you quickly recommend a few online brokers that are capable of trading stocks directly on the TSX?” – John [12:11]
  3. “Is Advaxis (ADXS) dead? They have a premier drug in phase 3, with a couple others in early clinical stages, but the stock is in a free-fall as of late. What are Wall Street’s expectations?” – Chad [16:39]
  4. “Are the Eagles for real this year?” – Dale [33:34]

As always, thanks to everyone who participated!

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