Why you should be buying stocks right now

Did you make it through the market crash last week?

All it takes is a few volatile days… then crazy headlines start predicting the market will crash another 40%… or another credit crisis.

But the recent pullback is just that—a pullback… A healthy correction… A normal part of the markets for over a century.

And when you look at the underlying fundamentals… the market isn’t expensive. In fact, a lot of names are screaming buys.  

My guest today is Jay Martin, president and CEO of Cambridge House International (CHI)… home to some of the best investment conferences in North America. CHI made its name as the leader in hosting the best junior mining conferences in Canada. Over the past few years, it branched out to hosting conferences in other sectors, including technology, innovation, and alternative investments.

Jay highlights some incredible early-stage trends that should be on everyone’s radar.

And he gives you all the details about CHI… including the upcoming Silver and Gold Summit, October 28–29 in San Francisco. Not only will I be attending… I’ll be speaking on a few occasions. If you’re there, be sure to stop by and say hello.

In my educational segment [36:12], I share details on something extraordinary we’re doing at Curzio Research. You don’t want to miss this segment… as investors will have the opportunity to participate directly in the growth of our company.   

Note: Cryptocurrencies have been in an awful bear market. But exciting things are happening in the crypto community. If you’re looking at the fundamentals, you have a chance to buy great cryptos on the cheap… before SEC regulation sets in and sends these companies soaring.

My Crypto Intelligence members have exposure to some of the best-positioned companies in this space. To learn more about CIand one of the best opportunities in crypto todaygo here.


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