The most successful resource investor you’ve never heard of

I’ve got a very special guest for you today. It’s his first appearance on this podcast, and I’m truly honored to have him on.

Over the past 30 years, he’s made a small fortune financing, creating, and selling junior mining companies.

His name is Dennis Higgs. And he’s a legend in the resource sector.

If you’ve never heard of him, I’m not surprised. He avoids the media and rarely does interviews at all.

He’d rather let his record speak for him.

But today, Dennis breaks his silence to talk about the gold industry… where prices are headed… and the catalysts that will push it to those levels over the next six to 12 months.

More importantly, Dennis shares his new venture with us. It’s a junior mining company that’s using new technology to find high-grade gold deposits in the world’s biggest gold district.

He’s chairman and director of this company—where he and other insiders own a huge 36% stake.

Then, in my educational segment [41:24] I break down the latest news on Tesla.

I’m not going to tell you where the stock is headed—since there are literally hundreds of places to get opinions on this volatile company…

But I will talk about why Tesla soared this week…

And how you can apply this indicator to other stocks for incredible short-term gains.

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Note: Last night, I released my exclusive interview with Jeff Phillips—another one of the smartest resource investors on the planet.

We revealed:

  • America’s biggest vulnerability in U.S-China trade talks
  • How it could be a catalyst that ignites a major profit opportunity for you
  • A strange event in 2010 that rewarded investors with hefty windfalls… and how history is about to repeat itself

It’s a short but fantastic interview, guys. Go here to listen. And be on the lookout for another special “trade war” presentation tomorrow—Thursday October 4.


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