Frank Curzio's WALL STREET UNPLUGGED Podcast

The incredible story of a not-so-typical gold miner

Today I welcome back my good friend Dennis Higgs, chairman and director of Nevada Exploration, to share some exciting news the company just released.

Nevada isn’t your typical junior mining company… Today you’ll hear its incredible story [15:31] and the amazing potential of its gold discovery technology.

Dennis also highlights the risks the company faces and its next steps in searching for large gold deposits.

And… if you haven’t heard, we’ve hit our soft cap goal of $3 million for the Curzio Equity Owners digital security. The response has been incredible, and I’m so grateful to those of you who’ve chosen to invest with us so far.

Tomorrow, I’m heading to New York to conduct meetings with potential investors in my network. I talk about this and provide other updates on our STO offering.

In today’s education segment [51:31], I answer a great question about one of my recent biotech recommendations. It’s a fantastic teachable moment…  

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Note: We’ve passed our soft cap goal for CEO. It’s not too late to participate in the growth of Curzio Research… But our private sale does end tomorrow. On Friday, I’m opening up the offering to outsiders… And once we hit our hard cap, I have to close the offering.

If you’re still thinking of investing, go to this website right now for all the details you need to decide.


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