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Cactus Schroeder: Where Oil Prices Are Heading

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

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This week I sit down with legendary Texas wildcatter and CEO of Chisholm Exploration, Cactus Schroeder.

Cactus is one of the smartest men you’ll find in the oil business. For 40 years, he’s drilled around the most prominent basins of North America. And he’s consulted on or invested in over 1,000 drilling projects.

Cactus was featured on Discovery Channel’s Wildcatters – a television series that followed three people searching for oil and gas in areas other than oil fields.

He’s also credited with finding one of the largest oil-producing wells in the Eagle Ford – which he later sold to Norway’s Statoil for north of $1 billion.

If you own any oil stocks, or thinking of jumping back into oil any plays, be sure to tune into this interview first…

Cactus tells us where he thinks oil prices are heading… and the risks to consider today when placing your bets in this space.

More importantly, he updates listeners on the breakeven prices needed to drill in the Permian, the Bakken, and the Eagle Ford… and why these “strike zone” numbers are vital to oil producers and investors going forward.

Good Investing,

Frank Curzio

P.S. On this week’s Educational Segment [45:20] we’ll discuss a trade Marin Katusa recommended last week. If you took action, you’d be up 60% in just four trading sessions. It’s another example why sometimes – especially during this volatile earnings season – you just have to stick to your guns.


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