A New Era for Northern Dynasty

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

Mining legend and CEO of Northern Dynasty (NAK), Ron Thiessen, joins the show for the first time this week…

If you’ve been listening to my podcasts over the past several months – you’ll already know how excited I am about this.

Ron and I first met in June 2016 when Marin Katusa, Doug Casey, and I booked a trip to Alaska to tour Northern Dynasty’s world-famous Pebble project – the largest undeveloped gold and copper mine on the planet.

As most junior resource investors know, there’s been a lot of buzz around this project. But it’s been a wild ride for shareholders… Ron and his team have been faced with strong headwinds over the past year, thanks to the EPA…

And after a long and overdue settlement, Ron has finally decided to break his silence…

On today’s episode, Ron talks about the history of the popular Pebble mine… how his company managed to overcome the EPA dispute… and reveals an exciting new partnership…

Good investing,

Frank Curzio

Links & Resources

  • Read the recent news release on Northern Dynasty’s new development partner
  • Learn more about NAK and their tremendous hurdle on my latest rant about the EPA and short-seller Kerrisdale Capital on Ep. 508: Northern Dynasty’s Next Step
  • Mike Alkin’s Moneyflow Trader charter offer ends on midnight, Thursday, Dec. 21st. For those interested, just click here



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