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Sprott’s Natural Resource Symposium: The good news… and the bad

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!

I just returned home from the 2017 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver… my go-to conference each year.

It’s where the most successful junior mining investors and executives gather from around the globe… where I’ve learned about companies like McEwen Mining, Sandstorm Gold, and First Mining Finance… and where I get to sit in exclusive closed-door sessions with company insiders.

On this week’s show, I’m honored to re-introduce the Executive Chairman of, by far, the most promising company of this year’s Symposium.

His name is Ivan Bebek.

His company is about to embark on one of the largest drilling programs in the junior resource space today. And if they hit… investors could see a 50%-plus pop in shares almost immediately.

It’s the type of risk/reward setup that’s too favorable to ignore.

That’s the good news…

Some of what I witnessed in Vancouver was cringeworthy… the same pump and dump scams I’ve seen too many times.

It reminded me why the natural resource industry can be so dangerous for investors. So on this week’s Educational Segment [51:40], I’ll remind you of the key things to watch out for.

Good Investing,

Frank Curzio


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