Jerome Powell is lying

Today I welcome back Rich Suttmeier, a 40-year market veteran who covers multiple markets here in the U.S. and around the globe [20:07].

Rich breaks down the latest Federal Reserve announcement… and explains why you must read between the lines when it comes to Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s comments.

Rich also shares his methods for finding trades and investments across different sectors… including housing, banks, and utilities.

I explain why some of my biggest winners make “contrarian” ideas look conservative [49:26]…

And buckle up! I’ve got an excellent rant you won’t want to miss.

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oil market

How to profit from today’s volatile oil market

Steve Koomar is back to share his views on the Saudi oilfield attack. He also gives you some of his favorite energy names to buy right now... and which to avoid. Plus, Frank debunks the theory that higher oil prices will derail the U.S. consumer… and tells you how to invest in this volatile sector without a lot of risk.
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credit crisis

Ignore the headlines: Fears of a credit crisis are overblown…

Ignore the doom-and-gloom headlines. Frank explains why we’re not anywhere close to another 2008-level credit crisis… and why fears over the national debt are overblown. Plus: Curzio analyst Daniel Creech’s favorite investment ideas now… And how temporary risks can create buying opportunities.
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