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Jerome Powell is lying

Today I welcome back Rich Suttmeier, a 40-year market veteran who covers multiple markets here in the U.S. and around the globe [20:07].

Rich breaks down the latest Federal Reserve announcement… and explains why you must read between the lines when it comes to Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s comments.

Rich also shares his methods for finding trades and investments across different sectors… including housing, banks, and utilities.

I explain why some of my biggest winners make “contrarian” ideas look conservative [49:26]…

And buckle up! I’ve got an excellent rant you won’t want to miss.

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Ignore the fear-mongers… Buy every dip

Greg Yenoli, managing partner and director of copywriting at Curzio Research, says a massive shift is taking place in the advisory industry… Then, Frank and Daniel explain why you need to look beyond the headlines and price action… and what they’re watching this earnings season.
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Sir Richard Branson's “mission” has nothing to do with space

Frank pours cold water on Richard Branson’s space “mission”... Andrew Horowitz explains why we’re about to see an unusual earnings season… what to pay attention to… and a few of his favorite ideas right now. And should you avoid social media companies?
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