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Here’s how you know if a correction is coming…

Summer is officially over… which means football season is here. And to kick off the new season, I start the podcast with a great big rant.

Today I also welcome back one of my favorite guests, Andrew Horowitz. Andrew is host of The Disciplined Investor podcast and president of financial planning firm Horowitz and Company.

As you might expect, we cover a number of topics—from China and the tariff headlines to Andrew’s take on emerging markets… and whether that pullback is a buying opportunity or a flashing caution sign.

Andrew also shares the U.S. economic indicators he’s watching… and why the market is positioned for a pullback over the next few months.

And of course he gives us a lot of great investing ideas.

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Note: My guests and I often discuss 5 to 10 stocks in a single episode… And that’s just while we’re on-air.

When we’re chatting off-air, more often than not another stock or two is mentioned. And sometimes these are the juiciest picks of all…

The very best of those stocks make it into my WSU All-Star Portfolio  And right now, you can access them for only $1.


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