Don’t Be A Hero and Buy the First Dip

Welcome back to Wall Street Unplugged.

On today’s show, Andrew Horowitz of Horowitz & Company and host of The Disciplined Investor podcast (the second best investing podcast) breaks down the technicals of the market action we’ve been seeing lately… and what that means for your portfolio.

If you’ve been wondering how to navigate this volatile market, Andrew will help you keep your sanity. He advises us about the right time to panic, versus the right time to take advantage of everyone else’s panic.

Andrew also reviews some recent positions he’s taken on—individual names and what impact the administration and Federal Reserve could have on the markets in the near-term.

I also want to thank you all for the love and good wishes you’ve been sending to me and my family as we battle a few health issues. Your support has been overwhelming… and it feels like the Curzios are turning a positive corner.

I also take a moment to recap what’s been going on in this crazy March Madness tournament this year. We’ve seen a lot of upsets and some big surprises as we head into the Final Four.

And stay tuned till the end… I’ll announce some schedule changes for the release of Wall Street Unplugged and Frankly Speaking. These changes should provide you with a more consistent listening experience moving forward.

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0:33 – My family and some health issues we’re battling.

3:10 – How insurance companies handle medical coverage and the costs. Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon are looking to disrupt this industry.

6:10 – Why I do what I do––to help you take care of your finances so you can take care of yourself and your family.

7:07 – Mike Alkin and his family’s health issues, which makes him want to help you with your money as well.

9:01 – If you have knowledge/experience with Crohn’s disease, I’d appreciate any insight and wisdom your willing to share. Please email me at  

10:02 – Excited to bring on Andrew Horowitz, Horowitz & Company, host of The Disciplined Investor podcast, to discuss the technical shifts we’ve been seeing in the market.

12:05 – Andrew’s last appearance on the podcast.

12:49 – What is Andrew seeing in the markets as a technical analyst.  

14:14 – The announced tariffs and what impact they could actually have on the U.S.

15:03 – How rising interest risks could affect stocks and company earnings.

16:45 – The Federal government could target certain companies. For example, Trump’s obsession with Amazon.  

17:33 – A look at the technical levels of stocks and how to trade on them right now.

22:48 – Stock leaders are getting hurt.

26:06 – Historical data on the S&P 500 and how that compares to where market levels are today

29:09 – Is the market volatility we’re seeing right now normal?

30:24 – How investment algorithms are impacting market action.

33:00 – Andrew tells us about Envestology, the advisor-crafted, technology-enhanced investing platform.

34:44 – Some of the investing strategies Andrew recommends for this market environment.

36:36 – Individual names Andrew likes or is shorting:

            36:57 – Shorting strategy on Macy’s

            37:22 – Opportunities in U.S. Steel

            38:20 – CRISPR has some upside potential

            38:35 – Kara Therapeutics has some interesting products in the pipeline

            38:58 – Credit Suisse’s potential amid the concerns for European banks

41:40 – Don’t be a hero… it’s going to take a lot to spook people from this market.

45:09 – March Madness recap

47:46 – Podcast schedule changes

            WSU will now come out Thursday mornings

            Frankly Speaking will now come out Monday mornings


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