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A Commodity Bull Market Nobody Is Talking About

Welcome back to Wall Street Unplugged.

March Madness is upon us! As many of you know, college basketball is my favorite sport. Today, I kick off the show by breaking down the brackets and sharing my predictions for who will make the Final Four.

But even if you’re not a sports fan, you’ll want to stay tuned, because later on, I interview the brilliant Marin Katusa, founder of Katusa Research. Marin is a good friend of mine and a regular guest of the podcast. He also happens to be the best analyst in the resource sector.

Today, Marin shares his thoughts on the current environment for gold, and how long he thinks it’ll be until institutional investors start putting their money back into gold stocks.

We also discuss a bull market in a commodity that almost nobody is noticing. Marin explains the catalyst behind this bull market, and he shares what he believes could be a takeover target.

Then, in my educational segment (48:30), I tell you everything you need to know about the new steel and aluminum tariffs. It’s time to put your “political hat” aside because just about everyone has it wrong when it comes to tariffs. I explain why in today’s episode.

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-Check out Katusa Research here



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