Why Everyone Should Have Exposure to Cryptocurrencies

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

Today I welcome first-time guest Chris Dunn, self-taught investment guru and entrepreneur.

Back in high school, when most kids barely knew what a stock was, Chris was trading futures. Recently, he shifted his focus from the equity markets to cryptocurrencies… what he claims is “probably the best decision I ever made.”

For the first time, Chris says, we have true currency competition… It’s an exciting moment in history.

You’ll learn why Chris thinks everyone should have money allocated to cryptocurrencies… his “Five Phase Cycle” for investing in cryptos… and the safest way to store them.

Over the next couple of weeks, big retailers report earnings. In my educational segment [42:40], I’ll give you a game plan for how to invest in this sector.

We’ll also discuss why Wal-Mart dropped 10%… and why you should have seen this pullback coming…

Click here to listen. And make sure you have a pen and notepad handy…

Good investing,

Frank Curzio

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