Andrew Horowitz: The Fed WILL Raise Rates in Dec. What does that Mean For You?

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!

My guest today is my good friend Andrew Horowitz.

Andrew is the founder and CEO of Horowitz and Company and on this episode he highlights why he believes the Fed will raise rates in December.

Europe’s monetary policy isn’t working and China’s still a mess yet The Fed. believes they are in charge and that they can manipulate anything.

Andrew also provides a game plan for investors. He breaks down the changes in the retail sector, telling investors that it’s moving more and more online.

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We then get into Facebook, Twitter and Netflix. Andrew explains why investors should be mindful of these trends since they can significantly impact sectors and stocks in the short-term and he warns about the stock buybacks that are flooding corporate America today.

Finally, he offers up a bunch of interesting investment ideas. After reviewing his ideas when he was last on in September you really should listen closely today.


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