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Andrew Horowitz – How Far Will Stocks Fall?

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!

This week, Andrew Horowitz, Founder and CEO of Horowitz and Company highlights several market risks that could send stocks lower in the short-term. 

Specifically, he believes the slowdown in China will continue to negatively impact commodities – and earnings estimates for S&P 500 companies are still too aggressive.

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Andrew also provides a game plan for investors.  He breaks down his favorite names in the biotech, technology and energy sectors.  He suggests investors buy these names on a further pullback. 

Finally, Andrew talks about key technical terms including death cross, golden cross and simple moving day averages.  He explains why investors should be mindful of these trends since they can significantly impact sectors and stocks in the short-term.

As always, thanks for listening and good investing!



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