Jim Rickards: Global Economic Collapse Imminent

RICKARDS AFR PHOTOGRAPH BY GLENN HUNT 13082012. NEWS - James Rickards, a Wall Street hedge fund advisor and the author of Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis ,G10 FX Insights: AUD: Why so strong?

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

Today my guest is Jim Rickards, best -selling author and editor of the Currency Wars newsletter at Agora Financial. On this episode, Jim warns of a coming economic depression which could result in a 70% collapse in the S&P 500. He explains why this collapse is imminent.

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He also says cyber-security is one of the world’s “biggest single threats” to national security.  He highlights how China and Russia have “cyber-brigades” which are capable of shutting down our stock exchanges at any given moment.

Rickards is not your average “doom and gloom” guy.  He is an advisor on capital markets to the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  He was the principal negotiator in the 1998 bailout of Long-Term Capital Management.

Rickards believes many investors will get hurt from the upcoming economic catastrophe. During this interview, he provides specific examples of how investors can protect themselves during extreme inflationary (or deflationary) times.

Want to learn more about Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Newsletter? Click here.


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