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Cutting Through the Noise with Chris Mayer

Welcome back to another episode!

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Chris Mayer, former banking analyst and editor of two popular investment newsletters – Bonner Private Portfolio and Focus – joins us on this week’s Wall Street Unplugged.

Chris is one of my all-time favorites…

A continual world traveler, I often call Chris the “Anthony Bourdain of finance.” His boots-on-the-ground research uncovers frontier investment ideas you’ll hear nowhere else.

Last time Chris was on the show (April, 2017), he revealed five stock ideas. And today, ALL five of those stocks are well into the green – three are up over 20%.

Tune in this week to hear what other ideas Chris has in store for us… including a few tips and tricks to avoid the mainstream financial nonsense we’re faced with everyday.

Plus, get a sneak peek of his upcoming book, How Do You Know?, which highlights the misguided attitudes that can destroy a portfolio.

Good Investing,

Frank Curzio

P.S. For this week’s Educational Segment [51:58], I break down one of my newest bets in the semiconductor space. For the first time in at least 10 years, this large-cap name is finally ahead of the innovation curve… and it’s still dirt-cheap.




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