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Frank Holmes: Why blockchain will be as disruptive as Amazon

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

Today we welcome back Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors.

Under his 25-plus years of leadership, U.S. Global Investors has launched several funds, including the first-ever airliner ETF (JETS), and most recently, the U.S. Global Go Gold fund (GOAU).

Since its June launch, GOAU has outperformed every major index within the gold industry.

In this episode, Frank reveals his unique “moneyball” approach – explaining the quantitative tricks traditional funds are completely ignoring…

And he shares the names of the three companies he considers the “safest and least volatile” in the entire mining industry.

Then Frank and I talk cryptocurrencies…

As Frank explains today, digital currencies and the blockchain aren’t just a passing trend. They’re a revolution. We’re on the verge of a colossal market disruption – the kind we haven’t seen since the launch of Amazon and Google.

Tune in to learn the best way to catch this wave – while you still can…