Amir Adnani & Steve Koomar: A Classic Contrarian Opportunity

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!

Today I’m joined by both Amir Adnani – CEO of Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) & Chairman of GoldMining Inc. (GOLD.V). And also, Steve Koomar – former derivative trader at Goldman Sachs and editor of the Vigilante Investor newsletter.

That’s right, instead of having only one guest join me, today I’ll be picking the minds of two.

And starting with Amir, as he puts it, “It’s time for our quarterly update.”

In recent months, GoldMining Inc. has quietly made a few significant acquisitions including one as recent as this morning.

Nothing surprising here.

Amir and his team continue to add to the thesis they’ve been focused on all along – buying assets at a fraction of their value. And on today’s show, Amir breaks down each of these new entry points.

He calls it “creating value with certainty.”

As the gold sector is in the midst of another unfavorable market downturn, this is exactly what investors want to see.

Poised for a market rebound, GoldMining is adding ounces in the ground with consolidations that now stretch from Brazil and Columbia to Alaska and Northern Canada.

We then turn our focus to Uranium…

As many of you know, this is a sector that I continue to pound the table on.

The price of Uranium is finally coming off it’s 12-years lows… nuclear power plants are being built at a record pace… Japanese reactors are coming online again… and the new US administration is steering further away from renewables.

Fundamentally, every piece of the puzzle is coming in place for a market turnaround.

But from an individual standpoint, Amir’s Uranium Energy Corp. is facing a catalyst much more unique.

This is the same catalyst that pushed the stock up hundreds of percent last time it occurred. And there’s a “very good chance” it can happen again here within the next couple of days.

Be sure to tune in before Steve signs on as Amir goes over this potentially game-changing announcement.

Moving on, Steve Koomar and I then discuss arguably the most hated industry in the markets today – Oil & Gas.

Like myself, Steve thinks like a classic contrarian. And due to developing geopolitical pressures, Steve explains why the oil and gas market may see a huge boost in prices.

And finally, to wrap things up, Steve then uncovers his favorite foreign market to invest in.

It’s a market that has gone up 60% in the past 12 months alone.

And for first time in nearly 2 decades, the country’s political landscape is shifting towards pro-business initiatives.

As Steve explains, there’s a “nice long runway” ahead for this country that’s finally beginning to develop its natural resources.

Everything covered on today’s show falls under one common theme: How to master the resource market’s cyclicality.

If you plan to invest in any of the natural resources we cover today like gold, oil, and uranium…. this interview is a must listen.

Because like any cyclical market, betting on these recommendations early at these depressed levels can yield life-changing results for those willing to wait.

Get your notepads ready…

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Stocks Mentioned

  • Uranium Energy Corp (UEC)
  • GoldMining Inc. (GOLD.V)
  • Northern Dynasty (NAK)
  • AngloGold Ashanti (AU)
  • Cameco Corporation (CCJ)
  • Potash Corporation (POT)
  • The Mosaic Company (MOS)
  • Union Pacific Corporation (UNP)
  • YPF S.A (YPF)
  • Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX)
  • Deutsche Bank AG (DB)


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