A Sneak Preview of North Korea’s Market Opportunities

Today I welcome back Kim Iskyan, editor of International Capitalist. Kim shares his methodology for finding little-known opportunities in emerging markets… including how to travel safely where others fear to tread. Plus, he gives us a preview of the opportunities that could arise if the North Korean market is opened by peace talks.

I know from experience how difficult it is not to let personal feelings impact your investing… but we’ll discuss why it’s critical that you don’t.  

And in our education segment, I show you what’s hiding deep inside the numbers from Apple’s recent earnings call.

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0:33 –  The ultimate stock pick and my rant on Comcast

10:58 – Keep your personal feelings out of investing

17:56 – We welcome back Kim Iskyan

18:40 – Kim’s background and how he got to where he is today

25:20 – Kim’s methodology for valuing international markets and companies

29:39 – Understanding the infrastructure challenges of emerging markets like Bangladesh

31:18 – How International Capitalist (his newsletter) gives investors real value

32:01 – How to travel safely in emerging markets

34:41 – What Kim does on these trips to make it possible for him to find the best investment ideas

37:56 – The major misconceptions of visiting international markets

43:45 – Kim shares some of his investment ideas

47:01 – Opportunities to invest in North Korea if peace talks go well

54:07 – Go deeper than the financial headlines for the real story

56:51 – Educational segment: How to read Apple’s earnings results

1:14::26 – Make sure to check out the Curzio Facebook page for live videos, interviews, and more great research


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