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The Best Chance for Huge Profits in this Beaten Down Sector


Amir Adnani, CEO of Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC) and world renowned uranium expert, gives us a glimpse of the huge potential that lies ahead for his uranium company. In a few years, he believes Uranium Energy Corp. could become the largest producer of uranium in America.

Amir also talks about how his company secured historical data dating back to the 1970’s and 80’s that show exactly where the largest uranium deposits can be found in America.

These deposits must get developed as America (the largest consumer of uranium) needs to find a domestic supply of uranium to power electricity. 

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Finally, Amir breaks down how uranium is processed, packaged and shipped to its customers…  He highlights the domestic and international factors investors need to pay attention to before investing in uranium stocks…   And he explains why these factors will result in much higher uranium prices in the years ahead…

This podcast is a “must-listen to” for anyone who wants to learn more about the uranium industry.  It’s a depressed commodity (in a bear market much longer than gold and silver) that could offer investors huge returns once the cycle turns.

In fact, this turn may have started already with uranium being one of the best performing sectors over the past two months.


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