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Chris Mayer Unplugged II

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Today on Wall Street Unplugged, my guest is Chris Mayer, the editor of the Capital & Crisis newsletter at Agora Financial.

On this podcast episode, Chris talks about his recent travels through Europe and which areas look promising for investors.

He also shares unique ways to buy real estate and distressed assets in Europe by owning these U.S. based equities.

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Chris then talks about his methodology for picking stocks.

This includes four key metrics which helped him compile one of the best track records in the newsletter industry.

Finally, Chris reveals a few of his favorite ideas.  These stocks are under Wall Street’s radar, or covered by few analysts.  And they have huge upside potential.

Then, after the interview, I’ll give you two stocks that you should invest in instead of Apple.

As always, thanks for listening and good investing!

PS – If you would like to learn more about Chris Mayer, you can check him out here.


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