What's really moving these markets

Dividend stocks are dead

What to expect from interest rates this year... A slowdown is coming... Dividend stocks are dead... We'll soon see a rotation into small caps... Oil investors shouldn't worry about a recession... And how to play crypto's bullish turn.

High interest rates will crush this sector

As the Fed continues to battle inflation, more interest rate hikes are in our immediate future. That spells serious trouble for the market—and one economically sensitive sector in particular. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to profit from the turmoil.

2 sectors you need exposure to right now

Why Big Tech is surging... The Fed clearly has no idea what it's doing... 2 sectors Frank is extremely bullish on... And the best investing strategy when the market pulls back. Plus, how to score a one-on-one with Frank.

An amazing opportunity in small caps

How the Fed is painting itself into a corner… And why small caps are gearing up for a bull run. Plus, the surprising strategy that’s beaten the market over the past 20 years—and a stock pick to play it.

Get ready for a bull market in small caps

Why this market rally is similar to the dot-com bubble... The Fed isn't done hiking rates, even if it pauses... Small-cap stocks are about to see a massive tailwind... And two ways to get Frank’s favorite small-cap ideas.

How to turn $10k into $32k… without lifting a finger

Regardless of short-term action... the market has consistently moved higher over the years—which means staying invested is the surest way to build your wealth. And thanks to a simple market mechanism, you can easily multiply your money several times over.