Guys, I expect a major catastrophic event to happen in 2024… 

One that will send stocks absolutely plummeting. 

On today’s episode, I break down several data points that have me concerned about the market this year… and the biggest contrarian indicator flashing a warning sign right now.

I get to that later in the show.

First, Daniel and I talk about my annual trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—and a trend you should seriously care about… 

We also talk about the 2024 World Economic Forum (WEF) taking place right now in Davos—and debate the crucial topic no one wants to discuss.

Daniel shares one company in attendance at the WEF that will be a major winner of the artificial intelligence (AI) trend—it already has a long list of partnerships with some of the biggest names in tech. 

And I share a story of how my trip to CES 2024 opened my eyes to AI’s true potential.

Next, we discuss JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s interview from Davos—where he touched on topics including the U.S. borders, Donald Trump, and Bitcoin. 

While he still hates crypto, he made one important point Daniel and I wholeheartedly agree with… and you need to understand. 

Finally, I reveal this week’s Dollar Stock Club pick—a household name whose top-secret booth at CES 2024 I found particularly impressive. 

Put simply, this beloved tech giant is about to see its earnings explode as it continues to dominate its industry.