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Why You Should Care About the AT&T Merger… And Not About the Drop in Cryptos

What a week…

One of the biggest deals in history gets approved… Another crypto exchange gets hacked… and I give you a sneak peak inside my Curzio Research Advisory newsletter.

On today’s show, I explain the enormous opportunity AT&T has in front of them… and highlight the risk involved. Hint, it’s not about debt―as the media would have you think.

And don’t panic… but there are more scary headlines in the crypto world. Listen as I explain why the pain is temporary… and regulation is a good thing for this space.

Finally, I break down the spinoff transaction of one of our positions in my Curzio Research Advisory newsletter… and why these can be fantastic opportunities for big future gains.

I’m getting a lot of great questions from you listeners, so keep them coming…

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