Fed Chair Jerome Powell recently said the stronger-than-expected economic data—and the fact that it’s an election year—won’t impact the Fed’s decision to cut interest rates. 

On today’s show, Daniel and I discuss whether the Fed is lying to us… or just shooting from the hip.

We also cover whether the electric vehicle (EV) market is in serious trouble. 

Ford (F) has hit pause on its all-electric SUVs… 

And could Tesla’s (TSLA) stock could really plummet to $14, as one analyst predicts?  

Disney’s (DIS) stock is dropping, despite its victory over activist investor Nelson Peltz… meaning what? 

And we highlight some notable headlines—including how Alphabet (GOOG) wants to start charging us to search… the shocking percentage of people who go days without face-to-face interactions… and the $30 million cash heist in L.A.

Thank you to all who attended our live event, The AI Story No One’s Telling. The turnout was incredible—our Q&A lasted nearly two hours! But if you missed it, don’t worry—you can still watch the replay here.