Yesterday, Fed chair Jerome Powell said the Fed is still expecting to cut interest rates this year, despite inflation moving higher in Q1. 

Can you trust anything the Fed says anymore? 

Daniel and I discuss. 

Happy March Madness! 

Can AI pick the perfect bracket? 

And I reveal my Final Four picks.

It’s official… we’re launching Curzio AI. 

Join me next Tuesday, March 26 at 7 p.m. for a free event you won’t want to miss. 

I’ll explain why AI is one of the greatest opportunities to build wealth I’ve ever seen. 

I’ll also share how I’m finding tomorrow’s leaders (think big – Microsoft and Google big)… my amazing interview with an innovative doctor… and some AI stocks you definitely want to avoid. 

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Next, we do some quick hits on headlines that caught Daniel‘s eye, which leads to a few stellar rants. Including my thoughts on the Department of Justice suing Apple, and why Hertz could go bankrupt… again.

The popular news platform Reddit begins trading today… 

I give my candid take on why this company is going public now, and if I would buy shares. 

And finally, we reveal this week’s Dollar Stock Club pick. 

We’re revisiting a past winner to take full advantage of the bull market in Bitcoin as it goes to new highs, along with everything else following Fed chair Jerome Powell’s comments yesterday.