Why I’m risking my reputation

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The financial newsletter industry is worse than Wall Street.

It’s supposed to be independent of Wall Street. No bias. Where experienced analysts travel the world to find the best ideas for their subscribers. It’s supposed to help Main Street—or put the interests of mom and pop investors first.

In the days of my late dad, who edited a popular investment advisory called The FXC Newsletter… that’s the way it was.

But over the last five years… the business has taken a terrible turn.

Flashy marketing campaigns have taken the place of sound advice from reputable analysts. Everyone is a “legend”… or a “guru” promising returns of 1,000x or more in months! But… how much skin do these guys have in the game?

I can’t believe I’m defending hedge funds here, but at least guys like David Einhorn are honest. Greenlight Capital’s performance has been terrible for the last several years, but Einhorn personally owns Greenlight’s positions. If the fund is losing money… he’s losing money too.

I don’t like what the newsletter industry has become—so I’m doing something about it. Because this is personal to me…

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I grew up in this industry. It’s in my blood. I cherish the memories of my dad talking stocks around the dinner table when I was a kid. It’s time to get back to bringing Wall Street to Main Street… and putting our subscribers first.

That’s why I’m doing something unique.

I’m raising capital to help grow Curzio Research into one of the largest independent financial newsletter companies. And I’m doing it through a new investment vehicle called a security token offering (STO).

You’ll be hearing a lot more about STOs in 2019… but security tokens—or digital securities—are a lot like stocks. Especially in the case of Curzio Research, where the security will give qualified investors an equity ownership in my company and pay a dividend.

My goal is to bring more top analysts under the Curzio Research umbrella. I also plan to build the world’s best education site—where investors can learn how to analyze balance sheets and income statements… maximize returns while limiting risk… and get a better understanding of the factors that drive different sectors and stocks.

For example, subscriber growth is a key metric that drives traditional media / social media companies… Same-store sales (SSS) drive retail stocks… while average revenue per user (ARPU) is a big driver of cable companies…

The goal is to not only bring you top-notch research… but provide you with the tools to find great ideas on your own.

I’m going to be talking more about our upcoming STO in the weeks to come—and how you can participate. (The launch is tentatively scheduled for mid-January.)

I believe this opportunity will lead to incredible growth for Curzio Research… and incredible new benefits for you.

My work is just getting started… but I believe I can bring this industry back to what it once was: investor-focused.

I’m willing to risk my reputation on it.

Frank X. Curzio
Founder and CEO, Curzio Research

P.S. Security token offerings have the potential to disrupt a $7 trillion market… and transform industries from healthcare to Hollywood. Those who participate in the Curzio Research STO will have exposure to this groundbreaking market… an equity stake in our growing business… and collect a healthy dividend. Go here for more information.


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