Wall Street Unplugged
Episode: 1053July 5, 2023

Why Bitcoin and Ethereum will hit new highs within 6 months

Today’s episode was presented live on RagingBull’s 360° WALL ST Chatroom.

Investors should expect more volatility in the second half of 2023, especially as the Fed continues its battle with inflation. I break down several risk factors… some sentiment data that’s flashing a warning sign for investors… and explain why even the mighty tech sector is showing signs of cracking.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay on the market sidelines. I highlight one sector where I’m seeing a ton of opportunity… and a couple of big winners from one of our newsletters that still have massive upside potential.

Speaking of which, I’m offering a special deal on our premium products—and if you act fast, you could get the chance to speak to me directly.

As part of this live episode, I take a couple of questions from the RagingBull audience. The first is about cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA). I explain the risks this project faces amid the SEC’s crypto crackdown… and whether I think it’ll go higher from here.

Next, I give my prediction on which big asset manager will succeed in getting SEC approval for a Bitcoin ETF… and why it’ll be a major catalyst for crypto going forward.

And finally, I explain why I think Bitcoin and Ethereum will hit new highs within the next six months.

Inside this episode:
  • Our first live broadcast [0:30]
  • Market risks over the next six months [3:55]
  • Big Tech growth is slowing [12:00]
  • Why I’m bullish on small caps [13:35]
  • 2 big winners with way more upside potential [15:35]
  • A special offer on three of our premium products [32:00]
  • Your questions on Cardano and Ethereum, answered [37:20]
Frank Curzio
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Wall Street Unplugged | 1053

Why Bitcoin and Ethereum will hit new highs within 6 months

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Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s July 5th.

I’m Frank Curzio. This is the Wall Street Unplugged podcast where I break down the headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets.

So doing something different today.

Hopefully subscribers got an email doing a live broadcast.

If I curse or make mistakes or whatever, feel free to call me out.

Wanna thank Jeff Bishop, Raging Bull for hosting this.

And I met Jeff a few years ago, I believe it was at a conference and he was sitting at a table all by himself and he came over.

He is like, look, I don’t have any friends.

Could you be my friend? I said, sure, I’ll be your friend.

And, and you know, for the last two years we’ve been good friends.

Uh, in all seriousness, Jeff and I are market junkies and we discussed for the past few years when we met, said, how could we work together and, you know, provide more value for our subscribers? And he said, you know, why don’t you come onto the platform and showcase him through our subscribers and stuff like that.

Cuz Jeff’s a great guy.

Again, market junkie.

This is what we do.

We’d probably do if we didn’t get paid.

I shouldn’t say that cause you know, we do have services that we sell.

But, just, you know, interested to hear your thoughts in this format.

I know most of you guys are day traders and regular traders and I’m gonna provide you as many ideas as possible.

And I just wanted to give you a quick background since we’re gonna have a lot of new listeners and also viewers here.

Uh, I’ve been doing this podcast Wall Street Unplugged for 15 years.

Uh, pretty much one of the first ever to do a financial podcast.

Everybody has a podcast now.

So it’s not really a big deal, but it’s a lot of work that goes into the podcast.

We interviewed ton of people.

Uh, this goes out to tens of thousand listeners.

Uh, we’re looking at being downloaded in over a hundred countries, which I’m always, yeah, just in awe of.

I can’t believe it.

I know why people wanna listen in a hundred countries, but it’s awesome because it creates this massive network that gives me realtime data and, and a lot of data that you get is usually lagging.

So the realtime data allows me to provide more ideas, you know, contact my network and, and again, find different stocks and different things just based on summer listeners.

And if they own different shops or some of them are high school or college students.

But again, everybody is smart in some way and see certain things in real time.

And it helps us tremendously to provide new ideas for all our clients.

And we’re hundred percent independent.

So I don’t get paid by anyone.

You know, I’ve been doing this for 30 years and being independent means that we have no agenda, so I’m gonna p**s off people.

We don’t care, right? So the bottom line is we wanna give you great ideas and we make money by providing those good ideas.

Cause you subscribe to our services and if we’re good, you’re gonna continue to subscribe.

So the fact I’ve been doing this 30 years and my late dad did it for 30 years as well, shows you that, you know, our track record must be good in order to be in business that long.

So with that said, enough, the intro, enough the BS and let’s get to it.

So you’re gonna see a lot of volatility today, this week back from the holiday.

We’re gonna have the Fed minutes come out probably a little while.

So you see a little volatility around that.

I don’t think it’s gonna be too much surprise.

They’re planning on raising rates further because they’re seeing inflation in indicators and not really coming down as quick as they want.

And just put in perspective.

Yeah, bill, think we came down.

We’re at 4% right now.

Uh, we’re at 9% year.

We’ve come down, I think we’re at 4.

If you go back to 1991, you’re looking at annual inflation has never been below 4% since 1991.

So even over 400% it looks really good compared last year, And it gets that 2% target means they’re gonna have to raise rates further, especially with strong unemployment wage growth, which we’re gonna see on Friday, right? More volatility.

Uh, so that short term next few months guys, and I would say second half of the year, next two quarters, I, I’d watch out.

So what I’m seeing here, profit margins are rolling over.

They haven’t really rolled over.

Companies have pricing power, they’re losing their pricing power.

Uh, liquidity’s gonna come outta the market.

We’re all cheered on how the debt ceiling was raised, which was, you know, great thing otherwise the world’s gonna end as we know it, right? Exaggerate a little bit.

But now the Fed actually has to raise that money, which is 1.

Uh, and when they raise it, that means it’s gonna come from banks mostly who have 500 billion in, in reserves.

But that’s liquidity being drained from the market, right? And that’s important because the last six months in this market of how it really, really surged, we saw a lot of liquidity come into this market, which surprised a lot of people.

Surprised me as well.

We’re gonna see a lot of liquidity being removed from the market.

Also, years.

Can’t believe it.

Three years that program lasted four, right? Where they’re able to pause those debt payments.

But that’s a demographic that spends a lot of money on s**t discretionary stuff.

And now that’s $400 a month on average for those people.

Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s 17 billion a month coming out of the market.

Again, liquidity coming into the market.

PEs are stretched at 20 times forward earnings, you look at 10 year average is about 18.

However, the 10 year average was zero interest rates.

What are we seeing now? The two years closing in 5% right now.

So there’s a lot of risks to the marketplace all this while the Fed is likely going to continue to raise rates to control inflation.

But what’s changed because that scenario really hasn’t changed that much.

And we’ve seen stocks move up incredibly, but what’s changed is we’re seeing sentiment indicators roll over.

And I’m gonna share my screen here to show you exactly what I mean.

Have some fun here.


So when we look at sentiment indicators, and we could start with, I’m gonna start with a bunch of them.

So I have a whole bunch of pictures up here and let’s go with, the Goldman Sachs rating.

So all this data guys is from today, okay? A lot of this data is from today.

I’m gonna highlight, this is the stuff to prove my point that happened, you know, a month ago.

If you look at this chart, this is today, this is stuff that I get.

I have access to all this research, yes, I pay a lot of money for it.

Uh, and I like to share my screen even in our videos that we do for our subscribers.

But you see, this is the bull bear indicator for Goldman Sachs.

And it’s at 80 extreme greed.

This is a contrarian indicator, right? A lot of times it’s extreme fear for a while, you know, a little fearful.

And then the market moves up at extreme greed.

It’s usually a contrarian indicator.

Usually sees that we’re at top of the market.

It’s been like this for about two weeks now.

Uh, you’re looking at the VIX near record low.

And if you look at, at equity positioning among asset managers, you’re seeing them push more into equities.

Makes a lot of sense if you think about it, because a lot of ’em are underperforming because a lot of the gains have been coming from what, from a select few stocks, it spilled over a little bit, right? So discretionary stocks, cruises, hotels, you know, look performing a little bit better.

But overall, if you’re an asset manager, you have to put money to work.

And if you’re getting your ass kicked by the index, that means that you can get fired.

You’re not gonna get a bonus, you’re not gonna get paid.

And this is pretty much a scary sign.

And again, this is from today.

So this is positioning us equity futures by asset managers.

Okay? Look at this number right here.

How much they’re going into equities.

Notice this, right? This chart goes back 2012.

So right here this, this extreme, this is called fomo, fear missing out, right? They’re like, holy s**t, we gotta get in, we gotta perform.

And they’re buying what the biggest companies in the world to help their performance, right? Against their benchmark.

Well look at the last two times right here.

What happened here, right here’s is when the market crashed.

2022, when it got this heavy into exposure, right? When it came to equities.

And look at right here another time, right? This is with COVID.

So if you’re looking at these extremes, these are things that I’m seeing on top of fundamentals, which fundamentals drive stocks and markets long term.

But it’s trading.

You look at seven indicators, that make me a little nervous.

You’re looking at breath.

And when I watch CNBC, my job is to watch CNBC, right? You know, I’m not crazy about CNBC cause they, my dad used to be on CNBC, he was awesome.

They only like 10, 12 people on there.

Now it’s, you know, there’s hundred people on a day and 50 gonna say it’s bull market, right? So when you’re watching CNBC and if you could prove the consensus wrong either way, if hey, I think they’re conservative or I think they’re aggressive, that’s how you can invest and make money.

That’s what we do here, right? We wanna go against consensus cuz that’s what’s gonna make stocks move.

So when I look at the breadth of the market and CNBC they’ve mentioned, oh, it’s spilling over the breadth, the breadths not better.

Okay? When you usually see markets like this and you’re looking at the breadth here, look at over here, 5, 6, 7, 8, right? 2009 where we saw the breadth.

This means more companies are participating as in new highs.

As the market goes higher.

And over here, look how low we are.

So it’s concentrated to a little bit more than the 10, which represent 30% of S&P 500 now, but not so much spillover that we’re used to seeing in a true bull market.

So to me, I wouldn’t call us a bull market.

Doesn’t mean we can’t go higher from here.

We saw 1999 the NASDAQ people, right? And they were right.

But in 1999 the Nasdaq doubled that year, okay? Doubled to 5,000, eventually fell down below a thousand, right? So the people in 98 were eventually right? Uh, but you never know how far markets can move.

They’re usually gonna move a lot further than you think.

So another thing too, when you see retail spending is, is pretty bad.

And lemme take this off screen for a minute.

So retail spending, I’m hearing where you’re looking at Macy’s.

Macy’s came out and said, it’s much worse than expected.

Nike, much worse than expected, Walmart much worse than expected.

Walmart’s doing a better managing costs, says stocks hanging in there and do doing well.

Uh, but they all said the same thing.

Consumer spending is slowing much more than they oRIGinally thought.

And what they oRIGinally thought at the beginning of the year was they were gonna see pressure.

They didn’t think they were gonna see this much pressure.

Now if I share my screen again here, lemme get out a couple of these things.

So this is a pretty cool service.

I do not make money if to talk about this service.

It’s amazing, especially if you’re a trader.

It’s really cool.

It’s called briefing.com.

Uh, so, and this gives you just like a Cliff Notes versions of everything that’s going on.

And you know, I’ll view it.

And this is something I pulled up.

So this is the regular.

So you’ll see you bring in insider trades and all kinds of news, all the news that’s coming out, all the news flow, you know, again, live and it helps me, you generate ideas and just know what’s going on.

Again, use the app and stuff like that.

But one thing that came up today at 9:00 AM Knight Swift, it’s a company I’m familiar with, we did pretty well on, we recommended it.

But Knight Swift is one of the largest trucking companies in the world.

And they came out and lowered their estimates and they did it in a weird fashion, right? They came out and said, you know, talking about the acquisition of Use Express Enterprises.

And then they buried it and they buried in, in here.

So this decline operating performance, this was right here.

It operates largely driven by the full truckload market where persistently soft demand has caught volumes and prices to be under greater pressure than oRIGinally anticipated.

While cost remain stable on a sequential basis, this dynamics expected to drive an estimated 11 to 1200 base point degradation, degradation and consolidate operating margins year over year for the quarter.

But more importantly, this line right here, okay, these guys deliver everything by trucks.

And they’re saying we’re seeing much more pressure than expected.

Uh, so again, a very risky market where, what do we have in the past 10 years, we had a Fed that bailed us out no matter what, right? We had 0% interest rates, we had unlimited qe, which is just buying of assets, printing money by assets like mortgage backed securities and, and treasuries.

Uh, and that’s not there anymore.

It’s not there anymore, which makes us a risky market, especially when you could earn 5% risk free.

Now, we always get caught up with the bold bear debate on the markets.

I don’t want you to focus on that.

Okay? You know, bears have been wrong.

I’ve been wrong.

I’ve been bears in the market overall this year.

And that’s based on data, right? Usually we see higher interest rates.

Technology companies usually get hit.

We’re seeing earnings decline year over year.

It’s three straight quarters.

Uh, the biggest names Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Tesla.

They’re seeing their largest growth segments slow.

They’re pushing into AI, which is not gonna be a big portion of the business outside of Nvidia.

But we look at Microsoft and Amazon.

Both are seeing slow growth at, on a percentage basis in cloud.

You’re looking at Apple for the first time.

Uh, they’ve given away that their, their newest phone for free, by trade-ins.

You know, I’m in this industry.

I actually owned a small business, that I really didn’t wanna own, but now I own it.

Those pretty well.

It’s just a a phone part, right? We fixed phones and stuff like that.

So I’m very familiar with this business.

And Apple saw slower than expected growth in, in services as well, right? Yet the stock keeps going higher.

And you look at Tesla, Tesla’s low in prices and margins got hit.

They just came out with production estimates that beat estimates are great.

I would love to see the profits and the margins on that cuz they’re lowering prices and they’re doing a great job cuz it prices so many companies outta the market right now and really crushing it for, for example, very surprised at 12 $13 a share.

Considering they lose $30,000 on every ev they sell, GM two, I mean the EV trend, if you’re into it, it, it, it’s not, yeah, it’s going to be much slower than people believe.

Uh, they just can’t make money even with the tax credits.

Most companies, however, getting back to the markets here instead of being bullish or bearish, I, I, I’ve been long stocks, a lot of individual ideas, because I’ve seen a huge disconnect.

And when I say disconnect, I’m talking about like the companies and the stock price where they’re trading.

It is in small caps.

Uh, and we have a newsletter, crazy venture Opportunity.

It’s a high price newsletter that that’s on fire right now.

And I’m happy for subscribers.

You know, last year wasn’t that good.

Uh, and this disconnect is taking place because you’re seeing so much concentration and everybody talks about the big mega tech stocks and stuff like that.

But if you look at this, I’m gonna share my screen here again and here we go.

So if you look at the Nasdaq, right, the NASDAQ and the Russell performance here, you see that chart? Make it little bigger if you can.

Okay? I’ve covered small caps for 30 years.

I’ve never seen a gap this big.

Okay? So if you’re looking at the Nasdaq, right, being up 28% and, and the Russell being up 4%, right? This is a massive, massive disconnect, right? Usually when you see a risky market or bull market, actually technology’s considered risk as well.

Small caps outperform on the way up and usually underperform on the way down.

You don’t really see this.

And it’s resulting in everybody not paying attention to small caps, which I f and love because it’s providing lots of ideas.

And just one more picture I wanna show, just to show, cuz I just saw this, this is from today.

This is the forward pe small caps or large caps.

Look where this is, this chart is 1979.

You can see that 1979.

So we’re looking at 20 years.

It’s never been like this where small caps have been this undervalued large caps.

But if you take out this right, which is 2000, right? During, during thedot-com bubble, it’s 50 years we’re looking at, that’s a disconnect.

And I feel like nobody’s looking here.

Now you want proof to that.

Here’s some of the ideas that we’ve been recommending and I wanna share some of these cause I still think they have tremendous upside, stocks that have been left dead because it’s still, if you look at the Russell is still 25% off of its November 21 highs, that compares to about I think 6% for the s p 507%, the S 500, one of those names Rivian, Rivian you’re seeing in the news.

Holy s**t, it’s great.

And I can bring up a chart really quick.

This is just stock charts rate’s.

Ugly chart, but you guys could see it.

So yeah, you’re seeing this breakout of a 1550.

And this is on news, right? This is on really good news.

This stock really took off.

Uh, and a lot of people would buy it if it’s, you know, on technicals it looks great.

And again, might have topped out here cause it was up 6% on news.

Again, positive news from today from Amazon and delivering more EVs, EV vans for that order.

Uh, but the stock has come down just a little bit off of that news overall with the market being down a little bit here.

But when you look at Rivian, I, I think Rivian has unbelievable upside from here.

Uh, so you’re looking at this week, what, what changed? So Rivian pre announced just like all the companies.

Four GM just came out with their numbers.

I don’t know if four released GM just released, Tesla released.

And it’s not the quarterly results.

This is the quarterly production numbers only.

And most of ’em are beaten on the upside Tesla beat.

And that’s why that stock went up yesterday, or Monday.

Uh, but on Monday, Rivian pre announced, Q2 production and they said they produced But I love this number, which is important because they break it out as vehicles delivered.

The big difference between producing them and delivering them.

Cuz you, you can produce a billion vehicles, but if no one’s gonna buy ’em, you have a billion in inventory and you go broke.

So outta the 14,000 produced 12,500 were delivered, right? Easily beaten estimates.

So it’s, it popped 15% plus on that news.

Uh, then it popped today again early on, because they began delivering their EV vans to Amazon.

This is in Europe, But they also delivered another 3000.

So far Amazon’s their biggest client.

They have a hundred thousand order with them.

And the reason why this stock crashed for most of last year is because they did, they failed to deliver.

Uh, they had problems scaling.

And it’s important to recognize that when you’re finding ideas.

Cause a lot of times you’ll see a stock get absolutely.

Now take Meta for example.

Why did Meta get destroyed? Uh, you know, six months ago, nine months ago? It’s because Apple changed their privacy policies, right? Which hurt advertising.

It was also they were folks, they had very, very high costs.

TikTok was eating out lunch.

Well what happens? They launch reels, right? See a massive demand for reels, the advertising market came back.

So they’re not impacted by Apple and and iTunes store anymore.

And advertising’s really like picking up And what happens with this stock, it absolutely takes off because you took those negatives that pushed it down, that no longer exists in small cap world.

I’m seeing all these negatives all over the place, right? And they address them.

You can always address what you see in front of you.

They address them.

And now these stocks are sitting at levels where insiders are buying them.

And you know, name like Rivian, what absolutely surged.

This is a name we recommend around $14 in our newsletter.

Uh, and you are looking at these and you might be saying, Frank, are you cherry picking this idea? You got one winner, you might have all losing the portfolio.

You should be saying that, right? Cause you don’t know this the first time, especially on live platform.

Uh, we’re raising bull.

Uh, this isn’t surprising to us.

You know why? Because all this information was available in May.

You just don’t know about it cuz nobody talks about it.

Nobody wants to talk about it on CNBC.

That’s not what they’re gonna talk about.

It’s my job to find these opportunities.

And from someone that follows small caps, I’m seeing massive disconnects.

Now have the screen up here.

I’m gonna show you.

This is a Cantor Fitzgerald report.

Look at this from May 10th.

Okay? This is from May 10th.

And they reported Q1 numbers that beat estimates.

This is the first time they beat estimates, right? So you’re seeing like, wow, they beat, look what the stock is, right? Right here.

Recommended about 1420.

Uh, they had concerns about money.

They no longer have concerns about money, right? So they have plenty of liquidity, massive amount of liquidity.

And now they said they’ve reaffirmed their annual production guidance of 50,000.

To put that in perspective about Rivian, I think they’re up to 40,000 in the first two quarters.

Their estimates are 50,000 at the end of the year, they’re gonna easily produce a hundred to 125, probably more than 120,000 at the end of the year.

And I’ll tell you why in a minute.

So now they’re beating estimates.

This is in May, right? And Bloomberg published an article where according to people familiar with the matter, RIVN management informed its internal staff that its production capacity could be 24% higher than its guidance.


Cause that’s exactly what happened.

Now everyone’s knowing about it and the stock popped where in before it They’re burning through about three and a half billion of cash in year.

So they have plenty of liquidity to 2025, right? More liquidity.

Again, company that addressed its issues, they couldn’t get out production.

They needed to raise money.

They raised money.

The Amazon deal, they were supposed to get out more.

Uh, those a hundred thousand orders they have, they’re projected to get the full hundred thousand orders out by the end of this decade.

So we’ll look at 2030.

They’re probably gonna deliver that in the next two, three years.

What’s important to know about Rivian is what took Tesla six years when it comes to manufacturing, production and scaling.

It’s taken them three years.

It’s the only EV company out there that’s capable of scaling outside of Tesla.

Ford’s not.

They’re done.

The F-150 truck is done.

Uh, you’re seeing orders on the secondary market.

GM two is actually moving away a little bit from EVs.

Remember everyone’s going all in on EVs, they’re starting to pull back cause and then yeah, Tesla in the middle is lowering prices.

Well, Rivian isn’t impacted by that cuz they have a higher end truck.

It has 300 miles plus, that they’re driving, on one charge.

And if you look at the Wall Street Journal, this is from a couple weeks ago, you had to see the report that was written on it and just, you know, testing it, right? It’s ranked number one in so many different places in terms of their pickup truck.

But they offer SUVs and pickup trucks, which not too many companies do.

Which means this could be complimentary to Tesla, and maybe a purchase for Tesla since their market cap goes up about 50 billion a day.

Uh, when I look at Rivian, I think it’s a great buy.

I think it’s an easy double from here, as a trading opportunity.

It may sell off a little bit.

I mean it has moved out 50% since May.

But my point here is when I look at these things, these are the disconnects I’m seeing.

Uh, and I’m seeing them where everyone’s looking at the market in the past week.

Holy s**t, Rivian beat those numbers and you know, now they have enough cash.

This is all available if you’re willing to look, if you’re looking in the right spot.

Just so happens that, you know, for me, small caps is what I do.

And, I’ve never seen, I shouldn’t say never, but at least the last decade, I haven’t seen opportunities.

Like I’m seeing this in small caps where they’re left for dead, they’re down 35%, they address all the concerns that they’re leaner than ever.

Uh, and this is just one of those companies.

Another one is Transocean.

So if you look at Transocean, lemme try that is an oil.

Oil has been one of the crappiest markets, which we all know.

So RIG is the largest offshore griller.

Uh, and we recommended this a year ago and, and we’re about, a hundred percent.

Again, I’m not sure picking ideas is a lot, a lot of ideas.

And I’ll be first to tell you that last year wasn’t a good year for small caps, right? You’re looking at large caps.

You could buy the biggest large caps in technology and you significantly outperform.

And small caps haven’t done well, but since April you’re seeing more money come out and it has to come out.

JPMorgan Capital report where, where they just over-leverage a lot of these asset managers to tech where they have to rebalance based on their mandate.

Uh, the percentage grown so much where that money has to flow someplace.

They’re not gonna really go to cash cuz they don’t get paid their fees.

So they wanna invest in someplace.

And now you’re looking at small caps, which offer an amazing opportunity.

Again, like RIG with another company.

I was left for dead.

Uh, this company just gotta upgrade today.

And, and from Citi and target rates to nine, it’s a little over seven right now.

I think seven, seven 20 or 30.

And when I look at the oil market, it’s been terrible.

But when people look at the oil market, they see, they pretty much lump it under one big umbrella, kind of like you would with cloud or software.

I mean, you know, and there’s a difference in those industries, even in AI and with oil, there’s just so many facets to it where if you’re looking at when oil prices come down, you really don’t wanna own an EOG pioneer who are domestic shell producers for the us They’re gonna get impacted the most.

They’re still doing well.

The balance sheets are great.

These guys can produce, you know, at at 45, $50 a barrel.

So they’re fine.

Uh, but as oil comes down, those that got hit, you’re looking at the majors, which are more, you know, just in every part of the world, upstream, midstream, downstream, you know, conservative dividends.

Uh, one area that I really like in oil is international companies have international exposure.

Uh, so, you know, large caps, okay, fine.

You, you, you did well with a few of those.

But when I looked at RIG, the reason why it’s significant is because of the Russia war.

And what happened with Russia is they supplied so much energy to Europe, it was 40% of natural gas energy to to Germany.

And when Germany started playing hardball with them, they’re like, you know, gave you the finger and said, F you, well, we’ll cutting you off.

And Germany realized that, holy s**t, you know, maybe we shouldn’t have gone so much into alternative energy.

They got very lucky cuz they have one of the most wild, well mildest winters on record, thank God, right? Cause we’re talking about people dying here.

Uh, but now if you look at, at Europe, they’re like, we can’t let this happen again.

And they are going to spend tens of billions of dollars in order to find more energy.

Uh, that’s gonna result in RIG, right? International driller, largest fleets, day rates are going high.

That’s why cities, you know, upgrading them.

But again, our job is to get in before these upgrades.

Just like Rivian, you saw a whole bunch of upgrades today in Rivian.

You wanna get in before this.

How do you get in by doing the research and being a stock junkie like me? But this is what we’re seeing with RIG.

Uh, it’s a great way to play.

Uh, just the huge demand for oil and international and exploring.

You could also go to the services companies and services companies have international exposure.

Some is the biggest Halliburton I would recommend is a good company.

So when you look at oil, you know, we had oil news come out I think last night.

Uh, you know, again, Saudi’s gonna continue to cut, which makes sense cuz China’s just horrible.

And this statistics that came out in China’s saying that year over year, they had worse, I think it was production numbers than last year.

Last year, China was closed.

Think about that for a minute.

How could it be worse? That’s how bad China’s really bad.

I got great contact in China, email me all the time.

It, it’s a lot worse.

We knew how bad it was.

Uh, that’s not gonna be the growth engine of the world.

There’s still a lot of trouble there.

Uh, but so you don’t know if you’re gonna see demand, right? For oil.

I don’t know.

But I do know that prices, you know, they’re up a little bit today on that news from Saudis.

Uh, but I know if they stay at this level, you’re gonna see RIG do well.

You’re gonna see some of the companies that have international exposure do well.

And that’s, that’s what we wanna look at.

Instead of looking at oil as this, you know, every single company, there’s a difference between just, there’s probably about 10 different sub-sectors within oil.

And the one that I like are the ones that have international exposure that I’m looking at.

Cause if oil goes up, you’re gonna, you’re gonna benefit tremendously.

Oil stays the same.

Uh, these companies are gonna see high demand cause they have to.

Right? And, and you’re looking at, at Europe has to change.

They have to change and they’re gonna change significantly.

And a lot of their CapEx is gonna be directed at this because it has to.

They can’t rely on Russia anymore, especially with these tensions in a war that who knows when the hell it’s gonna end, right? Let’s be serious about that, right? That’s why I like being independent.

I don’t know what the hell we’re doing there, that’s fine.

But my job is to make money and that’s how we’re making money on it.

So a lot of these ideas, right? That’s what we wanna do, generate a lot of ideas.

More names in our CVO portfolio is a VAV that’s, ABI, one of the largest drone producers you gotta see, just go into video Google, it’ll be worth it.

Trust me.

Uh, these unmanned drones that you carry your back and they just, the new version of these things are incredible.

How fast they go and how they’re targeted.

Uh, and we’re selling like crazy to the Ukraine, right? Which is free money.

Government is free money.

It’s unlimited, right? Nobody, there’s no accountability there, right? It’s why the post office loses billions every year and UPS and FedEx make money every year.

You know, they don’t care.

But as this war goes on, you’re seeing demand for AVAV and it’s really taken off for us.

It’s, it’s another good name.

Another small cap name we recommended.

I don’t wanna give this one away cuz it’s a recent pick, but it’s a maker of a lithium ion batteries.

It just popped a hundred percent.

Again, another name that got crushed that, that’s the formula that we’re looking at.

We’re looking at small caps have gotten crushed, address their concerns and they’re just sitting there.

And the covenant across our list because you’ll see insiders buy, there’s a name that we just recommended now by the way, that lithium ion battery make is up I think a hundred percent since May, right? Again, things you’re not really hearing, they’re not covering on CNBC, and the media that much.

But these easy ideas, right? That’s what you wanna do.

You wanna be able to have access to a lot of these ideas.

And that’s what we try do with subscribers.

Uh, I’ve been doing it for a very, very long time.

A great contacts and I’m a boots on the ground guy.

I travel a lot.

I go see CEOs, I, you know, facilities, you know, you gotta be in the room, right? That’s where you find the best ideas.

When you have a couple beers smoking a joint, hanging out with people, that’s where you find the best ideas, right? Be honest.

Uh, but another new name that entered the portfolio, got crushed.

It came off again, I don’t wanna give this away cuz otherwise my Curzio Venture subscribers would kill me.

This is a name that is in the housing sector and it’s gotten crushed, dressed, its problems.

And now those problems no longer exist.

It’s still down a lot.

The CEO is buying handover fists.

This is a CEO that’s a 40 year veteran.

Uh, he’s on a lot of boards.

The biggest boards within the industry.

I’m not talking about stock boards, but industry boards.

Very well respected.

Already a big owner of the stock.

And I’m like, why is this guy buying the stock and he’s buying boat loads, millions and millions of dollars, right? Per ceo, it’s pretty big.

And they’re also announced a buyback.

They’re buying back 15% of the float that provides that floor that the Fed used to provide that’s no longer there.

So for risk reward, when I see this, plus he was buying for the last three months, and you can actually buy this stock below the price the average price CEO bought a for that doesn’t happen often as someone that covers small cap for 30 years.

You don’t see these kind of disconnects and they happen when you have all this s**t going on.

Higher interest rates, right? Super high interest rates.

People thought we’re gonna top out at 3%, 4%, 5%, we might be going to 6% now.

Uh, yet stocks are ramping higher while earnings even for technology.

Companies are down year over year.

They’re declining.

Usually earnings drive stock prices.

You’re seeing rates continue to go higher again at two years approaching 5%.

Yet there’s still demand for equities.

Uh, even though you can get risk free for 5%, which is amazing rate because a lot of retirees haven’t had that kinda industry.

So when you see a lot of s**t like this going on, it doesn’t make sense.

That’s where you see a disconnects.

And that’s where you have, you know, guys like me, I know Jeff Sta as well, trading opportunities where you’re like, whoa, this doesn’t make sense.

Uh, and that’s been providing lots and lots of opportunities for us.

Uh, but that’s pretty much where I am.

If you wanna know a couple of other disconnects, biotech has gotten annihilated.

The amount of leverage that was in the market was incredible.

That market started crashing in mid 2021 before the overall market.

It hasn’t really come back.

I’m looking at biotech names.

The area I focus on a lot as well.

You know, you have, if you’re trading, you know, it is a lot of news, on, you know, phase one, phase two, phase three approvals, right? I’m talking about companies not that have one drug.

And you’re hoping that phase one’s okay, if not, they’re dead drugs that they’re making money on currently.

They have an amazing pipeline.

Uh, they have plenty of money.

Their cash, their net cash is more than what the market cap is, right? Again, you don’t see s**t like this ever.

Uh, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel right now, which is cool and I’m happy for my subscribers.

Cause again, last year wasn’t that great for small cap, but this is an area that you need to focus on, even though you’re gonna see the economy pull back.

I think there’s risks to a lot of these large cap names.

There’s still a lot of money flowing in the system.

Four and a half trillion was put in at the end of 2020, right? The beginning of 2021, when every asset was at all time highs, okay? You had housing prices at all time highs, stocks at all time, highs, collectibles, almost every single asset hit all time highs.

And the government’s still pedal to the Metal four and a half trillion.

That’s why you’re seeing a market where they can’t control inflation.

I can give you 10 indicators that, that show that, we’re headed to a recession that we’re seeing as slowing economy and slowing inflation and 10 indicators that we’re not.

You don’t see that unless you see a lot of s**t going on within the markets.

And, and that’s what we’re seeing, right? That’s why the Fed is more confused than ever saying, Hey, this is transitory 18 months ago to, I mean, talk about a 180.

Not only was it wasn’t transitory raising rates that’s fast paced in a Fed era by over 2000%.

That’s pretty crazy stuff.

Use that to your advantage.

Use the craziness to your advantage.

That’s what we do here at Curzio Research.

Uh, for Curzio Venture undefined, we also offer a couple o of products as well.

We offer crypto product, which is Crypto Intelligence.

Some I’m five years.

I I’ve never made more money in my life than I did in crypto.

In 2021, I think there was probably 12 to 15 positions in our portfolio.

The average average position gain was was 640% the average, right? There’s something you can’t see in the markets.

And why is that? Well, you know, you look at SPACs and these things come, they come out like 20 times, 30 times sales where they I p o.

So, you know, unless you’re able to get founder shares and your credit investor know the right people.

If you’re a regular retail investor, you’re buying this s**t, you know, pretty much when they’re selling it.

That’s what IPO is an IPO is a selling event for insiders.

That’s what it’s right’s a that’s a liquidity event for insiders.

I’m glad I’m gonna sell this to you.

We’re gonna sell it to the highest price possible.

That’s why you sell a lot of SPACs, get absolutely annihilated.

Uh, but with crypto you can invest in a very early stage of these companies if you know what they’re doing.

We got wrecked in 2022 like everybody else.

But if you look at the past month, the SEC has laid out finally of what they’re looking for.

And a lot of people thought that, you know, the US was gonna ban crypto.

They’re not banning it.

They’re going after company specifically that are proof of state companies.

These are ones that have just a few block validators.

I don’t wanna get too technical, but you know, they’ll lock up their tokens to validate blocks.

But these are the ones that do ICOs where they’re issuing tokens and you don’t know, you know, how much insiders zone or where they’re dumping in the ones that they’re leaving alone, that they’re not deemed securities are called proof of work, right? This is pure decentralized company, no third party involved to validate the blocks.

No central issue of tokens like an ICO that could be manipulated.

Uh, and those names, I’ve always said research in this industry of five years, The 10% is where the most innovation is coming from.

Someone that covers trends all my life.

Go to Consumer Electronics Show every year, just go around the world.

Just being very early in trends.

It’s amazing the innovation that has taken place in this space.

I’m glad there’s a washout, but right now you’re looking at pretty much a credit crisis.com event where they’re in a credit crisis.

It was 22% of companies are trading at $10 in the P 500.

So same with crypto.

You are able to get the best, the largest, the ones with the best technology, the best backings are still down 75, More potential than you could see in the market by far.

It deserves a place for your speculative capital.

Uh, another newsletter we offer is Moneyflow Trader.

Uh, these are like our three high-end products, expensive products and Moneyflow Trader is really cool.

It just, it uses, you buy puts to be in stocks and sectors.

Long data puts.

I think that newsletter’s gonna be incredible in the next six months because expectations are very high.

Going into earnings, you need a 20% decline and you can look at two x three x four x gains in in some of these things, which is Moneyflow Trader .

And I think that’s going to happen over the next six months if I had a guess.

Uh, so those three newsletters, um, but that’s pretty much what we do here.

And some ideas I wanted to share with you.

Uh, for the first time ever, for our clients only, we offered, special discount.

Those, those retail products, retail for $5,000 a year.

Uh, we’ve sold them at that price for the majority of five years, six years since we’ve been around.

And we lowered them significantly to a thousand dollars for a year only.

And I’ll have someone put in the link in here in the chat room.

Uh, why would I do that? For, why would I discount my high price products? Uh, remember I said we’re independent and when we’re independent, my job is to show you gains these three products at the same time.

We’ve never seen or I’ve never seen a better opportunity over next year for all three of these products.

Uh, and my job isn’t for you to subscribe to a thousand dollars and then say, oh Frank, you know, I’m gonna subscribe a thousand dollars forever.

No, this offer only for our subscribers and, and you know, we’re offering it to, to just, you know, Jeff and stuff like that and, and, and Raging Bull.

But the goal here is that you subscribe, you see our research, I do everything in video.

Uh, I share my screens.

Uh, you see, you know, But the goal here is for you to do very well over the next year and then subscribe for the next 10, 15 years.

And that’s how we’ve done business.

So it’s rare that you see an opportunity with these three newsletters at the same time.

So, that’s an offer going on.

And plus the first hundred people subscribe, get to talk to me for 10 minutes.

I can’t give you personal advice, but it’s a personal phone call and we still have some slots left for that.

Uh, but again, that’s where we are in the market right now.

Uh, and, and just looking for more and more ideas, but small caps, I’m really seeing great ideas compared to large caps, especially with the economy.

I’m not crazy about the economy here, but just small caps have not participated as much and they’ve been left for dead.

And the risk reward hasn’t been this great for at least I would say the last 10 years, 12 years that I’ve been doing this.

So somebody dropped the link in the chat if you’re interested at, if not, no worries.

Now let’s get to, I wanted to take some of your questions.

So I’m gonna be new to this technology, you know, I can see some of this stuff.

okay, let’s go from de Toro.

So we got a little time here.

Jeff’s gonna throw me outta here at like two minutes to one.

So I wanna try to take some questions for you guys.

This is first time and thank, Jeff says, welcome Frank.

So the man, the legend, I dunno if I’m a legend, like I just work really hard like Jeff, and you know, I enjoy talking to subscribers and stuff like that.

It’s really cool.

Uh, but so Deto says Frank, I always talk about Bitcoin, the importance of crypto projects.

Do you think Cardano, I is one of them? Yes.

Cardano I is is good.

I would worry a little bit.

I’m not too sure the SEC listed, I think it’s like 24 cryptocurrencies.

I’m not too sure if Cardano was on that list.

I dunno if Avalanche was on that list.

Get these like, you know, level two guys that provide a way to use things like Ethereum or it’s a layer on top of Ethereum where you don’t have to provide, where you don’t have to pin the massive fees and it’s also much faster transactions.

Uh, but you know, again, another big name that looks really, really good.

And it’s not that Cardano might be deemed as security.

It’s a, it’s such a good company that they might say, okay, we’re gonna register then we’re gonna register at the S E c.

Coinbase has already taken out licenses to, for security tokens.

They did it four years ago.

We launched our own security token.

We the first ever to do it a few years ago, three years ago, I think four years ago now, Curzio Equity Owners, it’s called.

Trades on tZERO.

We’re, you know, like a publicly traded entity that gave equity stakes to investors.

It’s not a utility token, right? That you don’t have equity in.

Uh, so you could participate in the growth of our business, which is cool.

And it’s just tokenization, right? It’s like the market.

You sell off a piece of your business like you would do in real estate.

Like if you own commercial real estate, it’s a liquid.

If you have a hundred million in commercial real estate, you could sell off 20 million.

IT benefits.

And this is how trends, if you want trends to, to, to, to really develop, make things cheaper and easier for everyone, right? And if you look at tokenization, I’m sitting there with a hundred million dollar commercial real estate, you could sell off 20% of that.

I get a check for 20 million, that’s great for me.

Uh, the other 20% is spun off in a vehicle where that would trade in a secondary market.

They would get tokens for that equity stake and I could provide, an interest payment, a yield on that from the leases, right, to make it worth it for them.

This way they could hold long term.

And now retail investors for the very first time really can own commercial real estate without having to buy a REIT and go through all the BS and stuff like that.

So we did that for our business.

And, and when I look at tokenization, it’s incredible because I thought this market would open up years ago.

But then we had SPACs, which is, you know, again, the biggest fraud in the world.

Uh, if you look at, at Virgin Galactic Chanath, I mean those guys came out and, and Richard Branson, both of those guys came out and said that, you know, when this thing iPod, I believe it was 2020, and they said that, Hey, this thing’s gonna be profitable in, in a year and we’re gonna send people a space by 2021.

And before we even got to that date, Jammu sold out for 200 million.

Branson sold out for 300 million, you know, against SPACs.

If you don’t know, it’s a way for insiders where they don’t have to disclose everything and warrants and s**t like that.

All the pipe deals.

And it provides a faster liquidity for them instead of a seven 10 year liquidity, right? Which is if you invest in a private company, the liquidity period is an I P O or if you get acquired, through SPACs, they’re like, holy s**t, this new vehicle, we can’t believe that everybody’s buying into this, right? So you buy something that that’s basically a holding company and you merge it with a private company.

So he is trading already, that gives a quicker lockup for them to get out.

And then you didn’t have to disclose warrants and all the pipe deals.

So if you’re wondering why people were selling Virgin Galactic at ten nine eight seventy six and you’re like, holy s**t, why are they doing that? Cause it came out at 10, that was a price you could buy at, it’s because they owned it at 50 cents and a dollar and they’re still making money on it.

So with our token, it’s different.

No one, we had no funds come in.

It’s all raised money through our list.

It’s the average investor, their, their price, their average price is 4025 cents.

Uh, so, which is good cause we want the people in there for the long term.

Uh, but tokenization is massive.

It’s, it’s huge.

I think we’re gonna be able to trade on Coinbase.

Gemini has their licenses again.

They thought it was gonna happen a lot quicker, but yet specs and then you had COVID.

Uh, but the regulation and tokenization, that’s the next step here.

Uh, and I, I think when I look at Cardano, I could see them actually coming out and saying, if we’re forced to register, we’ll register.

Cause the industry, it’s a trillion dollar established industry.

Crypto, think about that for a minute.

So you’re an established industry of a trillion dollars.

Ai, everyone’s going crazy, ai, holy s**t, you gotta get into AI right away.

Uh, AI is going to be a $200 billion industry next year.

Probably won’t hit a trillion for several years.

EVs a couple hundred billion dollars crypto, a trillion dollar established market, that was 3 trillion.

Lots of innovation coming in.

And now what did you see? Now that the SEC has those regulations out there, at least has some kind of a framework.

BlackRock just filed for their Bitcoin ETF.

Uh, they had a refile with, you know, special clauses showing, gonna show much more information.

Uh, fidelity, our investors, mark my words, arc investors probably gonna be the first one to be approved.

Uh, they refiled the quickest.

Uh, you have Invesco WisdomTree and then you had this brokerage firm that was just announced, no coincidence it was announced when all this s**t, you know, hit the fan.

And now that they, these institutions know the regulations.

You have Fidelity and Schwab, partnering with Citadel and Paradigm to massive private equity firms, just launched, crypto, crypto exchange basically.

So crypto trading platform that doesn’t take custody means they don’t have individuals, you know, money on their platforms.

They just do it through different third parties and stuff.

Uh, just to put that in perspective guys, of why that’s a big deal.

You’re talking about BlackRock, which is 10 trillion assets.

These guys have massive political ties, right? You know, they’re not gonna do this unless they’re sure they’re gonna get approved.

Uh, these guys don’t make mistakes.

You’re looking at Fidelity and Schwab, again, trillions of assets under management.

They have 70 million plus total accounts, that are going to have access to crypto.

Many of them for the very first time.

And no coincidence, the four that they’re putting on a platform is Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

Cuz those are already deemed Nons securities.

Any one of those four or if you’re buying some of the top names, your credit, you’re probably gonna do very, very well.

The amount of money that’s gonna flow into this now, is insane because, you know, crypto has been driven up by what it’s been driven up mostly by retail, not really institutions, you know, venture capitalists and stuff like that.

Anderson Hart’s gotten into it.

But, you know, crypto provides a great opportunity.

I know a lot of it’s b******t.

We’ve said a lot of it’s b******t, but the innovation that’s taking place, considering it in Defi, where traditional finance, I walked over Wall Street for a very long time.

I was Jim Cramer’s head analyst for, for five years.

Uh, yes that Jim Cramer.

I’m probably gonna see the comments go crazy.

But, when I look at, you know, just the analysts by the way, I’m getting, you know, with Jim Cramer’s kind of funny cuz I, I know it, it’s gonna light up and everybody hates the guy guy that actually not so bad.

But what, what Jim Cramer.

I had a great opportunity with Jim Cramer.

I was gonna tell you guys a couple stories about Jim Cramer, which is kinda funny.

But, he went to my wedding, great, great guy.

And, and when, you know, working for him, my job was really to analyze every single company, every single sector and do so much.

And, and I know he’s never really been in crypto.

He is been all over crypto in the back and forth and stuff like that.

Uh, but um, you know, when it comes to Cramer, not such a terrible guy.

He is a guy that gets p****d when he goes on TV if he gets things wrong and stuff like that.

But he’s pretty cool.

But I didn’t wanna go on a Cramer rant there.

Uh, but getting back to crypto, I just find it a great opportunity to own some of the, the big names on a platform.

The best names are down 80%.

And again, this is technology, traditional finance, and this is where I’ll go.

Traditional finance has never been disrupted.

And think of what technology’s done to every single industry over the past 20 years, right? We still have stupid fees that we charge for, for banking and, and you know, just investment banking fees and, and wire fees and things like that.

And transfer payments, which is so easy through crypto and so much quicker and faster.

And, and you don’t need a third party.

And that’s, that’s going to get disrupted.

It’s the reason why you have so of these institutions going in right now.

So, lemme see, 1245.

Lemme see if I could take just a couple more here.

Uh, some Bitcoin, Frank, let’s make some cheddar.

I’m trying to do that for you guys.

See, any questions you guys wanna have? Lemme see.

Other than that, try to look through this really quick.

Again, Jeff, thank you.

The man of legend.

Love it.

Uh, but guys, any questions you wanna drop in the chat, feel free.

cuz says, Bitcoin is my reserve currency, by the way.

It’s interesting you say that because I used to make fun of people who said that, you know, the dollar will lose its reserve currency status.

I’m not calling for that.

It’s not gonna happen.

They’re gonna lose it.

However, did a lot of research on this.

If you look at the trend and, and dollars and how fast other countries are getting outta the dollar, it, it’s insane.

It used to account for about 75% of total of the total currency, in terms of percentage with the US dollar.

Now it’s like 58%.

And that happened because when Russia went to war with Ukraine, we were supposed to have sanctions.

The US was not supposed to take ’em off the swift system.

And when they did that, that scared the s**t outta every country because you shut down their economy immediately.

Now say as someone doesn’t believe in our climate agenda, could we shut them down and get ’em off the surf system? It scared the s**t outta countries where you’re looking at the bricks, nations, they’re having a conference in August, right next month.

The theme is how do we rely less than a dollar? This is something they would never say publicly.

France came out, Europe came out, and said that, you know, we have to funnel it to wheel ourself off the dollar.

Uh, you’re looking at at China as well, actively saying it in public, you know, and, and your energy is always price in dollars.

Now they just the first LNG deal with the Saudis that was priced in, in in yen.

So if you look at the Central Bank bank buying, what does this mean? Does it mean holy s**t? You know, the country’s gonna end dollar’s, gonna lose reserve currency.

Absolutely not.

Own Bitcoin, also own gold.

Uh, the central banks, the buying of gold by central banks is the highest it’s been and a half a century.

And this year is supposed to dramatically come down.

It’s going even higher.

And the reason why they’re doing that is because they’re launching every one of these countries, all developed emerging markets are launching their own central digital bank currencies.

Kind of like Euro, right? In order to compete with a dollar, you have to team up bold prediction here.

I think that they’re gonna have a universal digital currency to compete with a dollar and it has to be backed by something.

Ours is backed by the full fifth of our government, which is kind of crazy when you think about it.

Uh, and it’s gonna be backed by gold.

The amount of gold that they’re buying is incredible.

And I’m not telling you to buy gold.

It’s a safe haven of gold that is negative real interest rates.

But gold makes a lot of sense.

Just fundamentals where, how much is being bought? If you’re looking from a stock perspective, take the name off of Newmont, off of Barrack and, and just look at those companies and look like technology companies in terms of their margins, right? These guys produce for a thousand dollars, 1100, it’s 1900.

They’re making money hand over this also in junior mining stocks.

Curzio Venture undefined for, for Curzio Venture undefined.

Small cap.

We actually offer private investments to credit investors in that newsletter.

You don’t have to be in credit to, to subscribe, and have very good ties.

Been speaking of Vancouver at some of the largest conferences for, you know, over a decade.

Very, very good.

Ties to some very great deals.

Took me a while.

That’s a s****y industry.

If you think that crypto is the biggest scam in the world, I’ve met young people and they really don’t know what they’re doing.

Sometimes in terms of structuring when it comes to the junior mining industry, those guys know exactly and they’re gonna f you every single time.

I mean that’s the most shadiest industry.

So you really have to have good ties.

You know what the good deals are, but some of those deals we share where you get warrants and things like that, which is pretty cool and Curzio Venture .

But, um, got one more question here cuz we had 1250.

This is, um, I’ll just call you G.

Just hey Frank, in your Crypto Intelligence service, have you ever alerted Pepe to your subscribers please? And overall, what is your approach to early s**t coins in your service? No, and we’re not about s**t coins.

Okay? The thing about Pepe and the thing about we just recommended, an aggressive a coin that focuses on tokenization, and got its ass kicked because it’s more like focusing on, you can establish security token and, and the whole platform and, and being able to do that and that market hasn’t developed now it’s starting to really develop, the way you make money on these s**t coins is find one, you’re gonna see pump and dump schemes every place, which all over Twitter you can get involved in that and be trading back and forth again, Pepe’s up like this is what I mean with crypto.

I think it was up 20,000, 30000%.

You can’t see those gains in stock, right? In a matter of like a month or a month and a half.

But try to find these things that are eventually gonna make their way to the bigger platforms.

Cause if you could buy them before that, the massive liquidity they see by going on a Coinbase or a Binance or some of the big platforms is massive.

And that gives you a good opportunity usually that they’ll surge and they kind of peak and you’ll see a little bit of sell off.

Uh, but um, that’s how I really, you know, look at s**t coins where they’re not really s**t coins that we’re recommending.

They’re good names.

I make sure that they’re backed by right people.

That their structure, I could see that they’re transparent seems obvious, but most of these are not.

They’re not transparent.

and most importantly make sure that utility feature, they have a utility feature, otherwise it’s worthless.

You’re not getting equity, right? It’s like Dave & Buster’s.

You guys might be familiar Dave & Buster’s.

You get the card and then you play, you can take that card, that’s utility, you can go to any Dave & Buster’s.

If Dave & Buster’s closes, you don’t get your money back.

If these cryptos don’t have a utility feature, they’re worthless.

I mean, Microsoft come in and buy one of these names like card for a hundred billion and you get nothing.

You don’t have an equity stake in it.

So it comes from the utility, which is very, very important that you understand that.

And, and just, I make sure that that utility feature is definitely worth it.

And, and you know, we also have an early stage ai, investment in a crypto, which is really cool, which I like because it’s just very early stage.

You use that technology, incorporate that into your, into your company.

And, and that’s fascinating to me, right? Cause everybody wants to learn more and you have to use their token to do it.

But that’s pretty cool.

Uh, and then Jackie, if crypto’s backed by gold, why buy crypto? I didn’t say crypto’s gonna be backed by gold.

Uh, I’m saying that the central bank digital currencies are gonna be backed by gold.

So Bitcoin’s not backed by gold.

Bitcoin is kind of like the young person’s gold, I would think.

Uh, limited supply.

But um, and he said why not buy gold direct? Is it because of liquidity? You could buy gold direct and you shouldn’t have liquidity concerns at all.

Uh, you could do that for ETFs and that’s why it’s such a big deal.

It’s not just a Bitcoin ETF for approval guys.

It’s much more bigger than that.

It’s once that’s approved, it opens up the floodgates.

So happened 20 years ago with spiders and, and, and, what is the vanguard, right? With the S&P that has hundreds of billions now trillions in it, in it, it it’s now it’s gonna open the door to Ethereum.

Now it’s gonna open the door to manage structural ETFs within crypto.

Now you’re gonna see more and more liquidity.

You guys know traders more liquidity have the better it is, the more people you’re gonna have, the more drives you have in stock and the more institutions are able to come in.

Uh, you know, there’s proof of work screens that I have that shows like 30 stocks, that proof of work.

Again, the s e SEC’s not touching the proof of work companies, they’re just touching, they’re going after kinda the proof of state companies.

So, you know, that’s the best opportunity is a lot of those names, that I like, on that list.

Uh, but that’s really, really where we are in crypto.

So how about buying Ethereum? Buy Ethereum right now.

You’ll be fine.

Where is it? 1900.


Uh, I think Ethereum and Bitcoin will go to their highs in the next 12 months to just massive new buying that’s gonna come into these names.

Uh, and Ethereum is the best smart contract platform on Earth.

Yes, the fees are high, but they have, you know, different layers to help out with that.

But Ethereum is just that.

That’s where all the NFTs come from.

Everything comes from, you know, that, that’s a platform of choice.

Uh, and Ethereum is just incredible.

It’s incredible.

Ethereum, Ethereum, Bitcoin.

I’m not too high on Bitcoin cash, like coin I’d buy now cuz that’s one of the ones that, that you could see tons of new people get in, kind of, you know, not one of the bigger names.

Those are names I would focus on.

So, all right guys, I think that is it.

I’m coming to the end here, 1253.

just wanna say to Jeff and raise you both.


Hopefully I entertained you a little bit and provide you some ideas, questions, or comments.

Feel free to email frank@curzioresearch.com.

Other than that, I’ll see you guys on Wall Street Unplugged Premium tomorrow, which is just, you know, a paid version of our podcast.

We actually offer ideas, and tradable ideas for our Dollar Stock Club newsletter.

That’s like 10 a month and stuff cause we’re just giving away too much for free in our regular podcast, which is Wednesday.

Uh, but for subscribers to Premium, take care and, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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