What's really moving these markets
Biden oil

Biden vs. Big Oil: How to play the faceoff

The word "recession" is being thrown around a lot—but don't let it scare you. Plus, why it's time to start picking away at small caps... One country ripe for investment... Big Oil vs. Biden... And energy plays to consider.

The best opportunity to buy small caps in a decade

Why everyone should be watching small caps… and one sector set to make a major comeback. Plus, what inflation rates say about the possibility of a recession… How to invest in precious metals… And the Fed’s rate hike plans.

My investing playbook for 2022

Luke shares the 2 sectors he’s betting will succeed in 2022—and his favorite ways to play them. Plus, he reviews his predictions for 2021—and how his suggested picks for the year fared…

Growth stocks are ready for a huge bounce

Growth stocks have taken it on the chin over the past couple of months. But last week’s action shows the downtrend could be coming to an end. Luke gives his favorite way to play the reversal.

Cactus Schroeder

Why oil prices could crash 75% from current levels

Texas wildcatter Cactus Schroeder discusses the current state of the oil industry... why there's more short-term pain ahead... and what needs to happen before drillers become profitable again. Plus, why Disney could fall hard from current levels.