Wall Street Unplugged
Episode: 1057July 19, 2023

Commodities are starting a new bull market

I’m back from my mini-vacation to Saratoga for the opening day of horse racing. I reminisce about my childhood experience (and success) at the tracks… and share the rude awakening I got on my trip about being old.

Next, I highlight some wild action in the stock market… including why telecom giants AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ) are selling off… and why Carvana (CVNA) has surged 1,000% since the start of the year.

I explain why the markets will continue rallying—even as the Fed keeps hiking rates… and why an eventual rate cut won’t be nearly as positive as you might think. 

I also highlight an overlooked corner of the market that’s starting to break out… and still has plenty of room to run in the coming months.

We’re officially in the heart of earnings season… and the results we’ve seen so far prove just how crazy this market is. I go over several stocks that jumped—even as the company’s earnings declined.

Next, I share a few ways to play the long-term decline of the U.S. dollar, which is currently sitting near a 52-week low. Plus, I reveal some shocking data that shows why now is the time to buy commodities.

Be sure to join us for tomorrow’s episode of WSU Premium—Daniel and I will share several stocks poised to soar as we enter a new commodities bull market.   

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Inside this episode:
  • I’m officially old [0:30]
  • Why T and VZ are in big trouble [5:30]
  • Why CVNA is up 1,000% in 2023 [6:44]
  • A rate cut wouldn’t be bullish [9:50]
  • This overlooked sector has a lot of upside ahead [12:43]
  • Why are stocks rising as earnings decline? [14:10]
  • Commodities are starting a new bull market [22:00]
  • Our special offer ends soon [34:15]
Frank Curzio
Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly featured on media outlets like CNBC’s Kudlow Report, The Call, CNN Radio, ABC News, and Fox Business News. His Wall Street Unplugged podcast—ranked the No. 1 “most listened-to” financial podcast on iTunes—has been downloaded over 12 million times.

Wall Street Unplugged | 1057

Commodities are starting a new bull market

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Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged looks beyond the regular headlines heard on mainstream financial media to bring you unscripted interviews and breaking commentary direct from Wall Street right to you on Main Street.

Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s July 19th.

I’m Frank Curzio. This is the Wall Street Unplugged podcast where I break down the headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets.

So back from a mini vacation, go away every year with closest friends.

Usually go to racetrack to bet the horses.

Also go golf ’em for a few days and sometimes we’ll go to Gulf Stream for the Florida Derby, which is in March.

And sometimes we’ll wait a few months depending where we wanna go.

And last three years, we’re happy to go to Saratoga.

 Saratoga opening day.

And last year, few listed to this podcast.

 I killed it.

 I went $3,500.

It was awesome.

 So you know what’s gonna happen.

This year I was gonna get crushed and this year I actually won around $4,000, which means I’m officially retiring, I’m outta here, got my horse handicapped full time.

 Go to the races, they sell those sheets, different colors and blue and red.

And I got the picks.

 It’s gotta be me and one of those boots.

I think you guys should be pretty cool with that, considering you really don’t need me anymore.

 I mean, everything is going up every single day.

 I mean, how crazy is this just by Carvana, which is up what, another 30% today? Up over a thousand percent this year.

 This year.

And I know that stock was whatever, a hundred, 200 and crashed this single day.

Just holy cow this year.

And more than that in a second.

 Saratoga’s always a lot of fun.

If you get a chance to go to track, it’s great family atmosphere.

Posted a couple of things on, on my Twitter account and that Frank Curzio, it’s just cool.

 You can bring your family.

 It’s all outdoors.

Most of it’s outdoors.

 They used to take me there all the time in the eighties.

You know, I had handicapped horses when I was probably, man, 10, 11, 12.

My dad used to take me to every Roosevelt racetrack, long Island.

I used to be around, Monticello in the middle of nowhere used to go to, but he used to get tickets, grandstand tickets for Saratoga in the eighties.

And it was only open through August.

He used to rotate with Belmont and Aada and now it’s open, I think more than that.

 Six to eight weeks.

 We went there, you know, last week.

But he used to take me to the springs where the water’s terrible.

It’s like this water fountain you drink the spring water, you know, kind of a big deal, like a landmark thing.

It’s been there for over a hundred years.

 Uh, and I went to do that and brought back, you know, just memories and the friends I went with all, you know, I know all of ’em since I was a kid.

So I only knew my dad.

One of my notes since I was three years old and we lived across the street from each other in, in Ridgewood, Queens.

And you throw baseball back and forth because you weren’t allowed to, to cross the street.

 That’s how long I know, this person for.

So, um, yeah, we go there, we have fun, golfing, just, just a real good time.

My wifes know each other and everything and they’re like, you know, happy that they’re just get outta here.

We want you guys to go so we can leave us alone.

So it’s really cool that we do it every year.

 But after the races, Saratoga has a pretty decent nightlife, lots of bars and restaurants.

We went out to eat one night, I think it was a Friday night.

 Uh, but almost all the bars are like at a five block radius and it’s pretty crowded.

But they cater to this super young crowd.

It’s not like you have a spot where you can go and grab a beer.

It’s all really super young like music blasting.

 And when I say young, But after we ate dinner, one of my friends was like, Hey Leo, let’s walk around, just see what’s going on.

 And then, you know, you like seeing that stuff sometimes and people having fun.

And most of these bars are right next to each other and you know, you literally see hundreds of kids walking through the streets and some are drunk having fun or whatever.

But we happened to stick out like a sore thumb just walking around.

 Uh, and we didn’t go into any bars, right? We had no interest.

 We just wanted to, you know, walk off, you know, our food and stuff like that.

But just walking around, I felt like a dinosaur.

And just to confirm my state of mind here, how do I officially know, officially know that I’m getting old.

As we’re walking some young guy driving down the street, he slows down, opens his window and said, Hey old guys, you need to take a shower, close his window and dries off.

Of course I yelled something back, which I can’t say, but man, if that’s not the ultimate confirmation and he’s kind of right, probably better off just hopping in Uber, going back to our place and maybe taking a shower.

 But, I think that was the ultimate confirmation where wow, we are old now over 50.

 Uh, and, and it shows.

So even when you wanna have fun amongst those people and walk around and just see what they’re doing, man, they, they saw us right away.

 Call us out.

Which was funny.

 Uh, and it was a good time.

 So, anyway, really, really great times.

 Meeting up with my friends.

 Feel refreshed, you know, I think everybody needs that just to get away a little bit.

 Now, back at the saddle, ready to help all of you become better investors.

This is why you guys listen to this podcast.

I think try to make as entertaining as possible, not boring, and buy this stock trade.

 It’s n pe no, try to make a little interesting.

 Like I said earlier, I I’m, I’m not too sure if you need me, just buy whatever you want.

And we’ve seen a market where the at t’s and Verizon should have been good names going into this year, given that hey, we’re probably gonna see recession rates are going much, much higher than expected, which we were able to predict.

Earnings are going down and they’re crashing.

And this is an area where you see multiples full.

When I say multiple, it’s a p ratio.

 The PE multiples can, they usually contract.

 You don’t see them expand, especially when the economy is expected to slow insurance going higher.

Fed now taking money outta the market.

You don’t see these multiples expand ever in history during markets like this.

 They always contract.

And now you have these companies generating good cash flow decent businesses.

And what happens is when you have a risk on environment, everyone’s like, f you with these names, I don’t need them.

 And now you have like, you know, a lot of things going on in media and stuff like that and craziness, but wow, what a, what a market this is.

 It’s insane.

I mean everything now you’re looking at oil and, and industrials well under before and now they’re doing great, right? Started to bounce back industrial.

 Some of ’em are trading at 52 week highs.

Again, these are lagging behind a lot of large cap tech.

Almost every heavily shorted company has skyrocketed.

I mean hedge funds were short.

 Carvana at $5 a share, that’s a start.

The year it was under $5, it’s over 50 right now it’s over 50.

So in January to start the year it’s foreign change.

The short ratio is over 50%.

That’s a monster number if you don’t understand short ratio.

 So it just, how much of a float is short the borrow? And if you see a 10% ratio, it should raise eyebrows 20% high.

Someone’s taking a big position.

Maybe you’re gonna see them do the campaign where they come out with, you know, b******t report.

 Some of ’em, some of ’em, some of these short sellers are good.

And then they’ll go through their typical media channels and, and before they even get the report out, there’s lawyers following suits like ambulance chasers this way, you know, it looks like holy s**t and sells off and these guys are outta that stock and, and and whatever.

 So you could see that build up.

 Sometimes it’s not that hard, it’s not that easy to hide.

 So you see 10, 15% rates, 50% is insane, So in June the stock started ramping higher and it went to over 20, slowly going high, it went over 20.

And even at over 20 still 45% of the float was short and a month later it’s 50.

Now Carvana, just to put this in perspective, right back in January, And you might be saying these guys are idiots for short and they’re not idiots for shorting a 400 million market cap.

You could see why so many was short because today the stock is up what, 25 30%.

Why? Because they restructured their debt And that restructuring included unsecured notes due in 2025 and 2027.

 I won’t get complicated with you, you just understand when they were able to restructure this, it’s gonna save the company over 400 million in interest expenses per year over the next two years alone.

Remember in January the market cap was 400 million.

Think about these payments.

I mean it’s saying it’s gonna save them over a billion dollars, you know, by restructuring just the 400 million in interest expenses over the next two years alone.

 And that’s at the restructuring.

 You could see why they, this company was gonna fold and they were done Now up a thousand percent this year, But still it’s over.

 It’s around 35%.

I don’t know who short this thing but man they’re getting crushed probably I would think It’s not just Carvana.

 It dow’s up eight straight days.

Longest winning streak in over two years.

 And by the way, the Dow, that performance of that index, it sucks.

 This year sucks.

It’s only up 6%.

 6% for like the half year, seven months in would be fantastic in any other year possible except for this year.

 That sucks.

 Why? Because the SMPs up 18% then NASDAQ is up Think about that.

 You think large cap tech’s over owned.

I can tell you with the Fed s saying well you know, we’re gonna raise rates.

That might be a sign.

 You ain’t allowed to talk about that.

More street unplug premium tomorrow.

I think the more they say they’re gonna raise rates, the higher this market’s going to go, at least through the end of the year.

Different from what I’ve been saying.

 Why? Because when you’re, when you stop lowering rates or you stop raising rates and you start lowering it, it’s a signal saying that the economy is is losing steam.

It’s not that strong anymore.

And we’ve seen recent data showing inflation is cooling.

Still have a long way to go and we’ll see Cuz energy prices are up tremendously.

Food prices are going back up.

 We’ll see what the next CPI rating is.

So housing starts calm a little bit retail sales down a little bit.

I mean things you wanna see, careful what you wish for though cuz when the Fed stops this, if you look at the last past height, tightening cycles, the market usually goes up as they’re tightening.

And I’m looking at past tightening cycles of this magnitude.

Don’t things as this big of a magnitude raising rates over 2000% in in a little over a year, 15 months or so.

Never seen it this fast in the Fed era but comparable times two or three other times we’ve seen it where the market has gone up and as soon as they start cutting, we’re under this impression.

Wow that’s the bullish thesis by the way in January.

The bullish thesis was like the Fed is not gonna raise that much.

You’re gonna start cutting pretty much by June and that’s why you need to own stocks.

 It’s amazing.

But it’s better to be wrong on your thesis and write on the stock price cuz you’re gonna make money.

 Cuz what happened is the Fed was not done, they’re not gonna be done this year and chances are they’re not gonna lower into next year, well into next year unless you see the economy ultimately crash, really go into deep recession.

 But they’re not lowering rates anytime soon.

And in that environment we’ve seen stocks absolutely surge.

So much so that the S&P 500 think about this, it’s trading at a higher level right now than it was in March, 2022 when the Fed started raising rates.

You will not find one person on the planet that would’ve took that bet if you said in March the Fed is gonna raise rates to above 5% in 15 months, but yet the S&P 500 is gonna be higher by then.

There’s not one person in the world that would’ve took that bet.

They might have said, well it might not go down and maybe individual stocks could outperform depending, you know, who’s interest rate sensitive or not.

They wouldn’t have said the whole market’s gonna, nobody would’ve.

 Nobody not, not from zero to 5% 0.

25 to 5%, nobody.

 Nobody would’ve, you would’ve been crazy.

 That’s how insane this market is.

As the Fed says Hey you know, we’re still gonna raise that to me that’s the market saying okay the all clear, the economy’s good, we could handle this peleton of Metal fear of missing out.

Still a little bit of money in the sidelines even though some of it’s going to bonds and getting 5% rates, which is fine.

But then Nasdaq up 38% the S&P 500 up 18%.

 Again, Dow has been underperforming.

But now what he had the Russell and it’s gonna say it’s up 12% year to date but forget about year to date because it’s up 14%, over 14% since May since we’ve been pounding the table like crazy on this sector.

 And I’m glad cause everyone took us up on our offer.

We’ve been killing it in our Curzio Venture portfolio.

I expect this to continue.

 It’s not like oh wow, this is great, let’s take some profits.

 No, we’ve seen so many amazing companies, big disconnects with small names already cut costs starting to see demand come back, but nobody’s paying attention to them.

 Brought up lots and lots of names.

Don’t wanna give too much away.

A lot of these names are up a ton for us and I’m very, very happy cuz we saw small caps not perform well in 2022.

You’re gonna have that period.

It’s like cryptos didn’t perform well in 2022 but late 20 20, 20 21, holy cow.

 Massive gains.

So there’s times where it’s pedal to the Metal and there’s times where you gotta like say eh, even though you know the economy is on shaky ground, I can provide tons of stats to say holy s**t, you should be worried and you should be when it comes to small caps is still tremendously off their highs, well off their highs.

When 20% off the November highs where the s and p is what closing about 5% in this of its all time highs.

It’s a forgotten area of the market that needs to play catch up to the large cap tech names that have skyrocketed this year.

And speaking of large caps, not a large cap front.

 Netflix gonna report, see what happens.

So strong results from Morgan Stanley surprised to give their top Economi been telling their clients that the market’s gonna crash since January.

But they’ve done well, good for them.

And Goldman Sachs reported results not so great, which is surprising and I didn’t plan on doing this but I’m gonna share a couple screens today and hopefully you could take a look at this cuz I’m gonna bring this up right now on the fly.

 So gimme a second this way I could share the screen.

I wanna show you what’s going on with earnings.

 Cause right now we’re in, we’re in a hard earnings season next two, three weeks.

And I wanna bring up a site that I have briefing.com.

I don’t get paid by these guys, but it’s an awesome site if you want.

I think it’s like $7,000 for the year.

It’s like a Cliff Notes version you can have on your phone as well.

It gives you all updates on everything and helps you find lots of ideas.

Just constant market updates.

Like to the minute companies goes over the conference calls, gives you earnings calendars.

And I’m logging into it now and I want you to see this earnings result calendar here, let me share it.

 I’m gonna try to make it a little bit bigger.

 Ok, if you could see this on YouTube, definitely yeah, give it a shout.

because it’s worth it.

 I’m gonna explain it to, to everyone who doesn’t.

Cause a lot of people listen through iTunes.

So this is this week I’m gonna click and it’s gonna have all the companies that are reporting this week and they have their expectations and they have like consensus here.

So this is a consensus and let me go back over here this way you could see my cursor.

 Ok, okay, cool.

 All right.

 So now they have, you know, consensus and then from one year ago, if you look at these earnings like one year ago, okay, bank of America, good job.

 So, and I’m just, listen, I’m just doing this on a fly, but I just saw this recently.

 If you look at like Charles Schwab, Charles Schwab is higher today.

 It was higher today.

They reported good earnings.

 People loved it.

A year ago they reported 97 cents for the quarter.

This quarter they reported 71 cents.

And I think they came in a little bit ahead of that.

 But think about that.

Think how much earnings are down from last, last year’s quarter for Charles Schwab and it’s going higher.

 Lockheed Martin, pretty much easy.

 Morgan Stanley, they celebrated those results.

So Morgan Stanley, right? They reported a dollar 24 and they were expected a dollar 20.

 So a dollar 24, they beat the estimates last year.

 They reported a dollar 44 this quarter.

Something you don’t, you don’t really see these earnings come down the way they are in stocks trade to all time highs the way they are.

And now that we’re celebrating because they beat this revised estimate of a dollar 20 Morgan Stanley, they came at a dollar 24 when last year was a dollar 44.

That’s how important it’s to, to understand the expectations of stocks going into the quarter.

Cuz you’re gonna see that they beat, but when you compare ’em to last year, you are looking at multiples going higher and higher cuz the earnings are going lower while the stock prices is going higher.

 That means they’re getting much, much more expensive I feel like can always talking about that.

 And Microsoft, great job, ai, more money in there subscription for for office and and putting into Bing and everything like I get it.

 But they’re trading at 35 times forward earnings.

Forward earnings.

 I mean I, I don’t remember Microsoft trading at that level since probably.com maybe.

I mean taking out 2020 where everything was all crazy and, and also 2010 credit crisis.

 But in a normal market condition, not saying this is normal.

 I mean that’s how expensive it’s, but when you look through these things, I mean you have um, great results from American Airlines, right? They’re growing, that’s fine.

That’s a good business.

 They’re growing and that’s stock should be doing well.

But you know, when I look at these, look at JP transport, I think it’s actually, I saw that was up today.

$2 42 cents last comparable quarter.

They’re expecting a dollar 90 that came in a dollar 81, even in a dollar 81.

Look how much lower that is.

 So you have to factor that in and, and look at these stocks and be like, wow, this stock must have really got hammered.

I mean you’re looking at earnings down what, 20% plus from last year, but yet you’ll look at the stock and be like, wow, this shit’s trading at, at near, its all time high.

 Why is that? That’s why I’m saying it’s a very dangerous market where stocks can go higher, don’t fight the trend, the momentum, it’s going higher and higher.

And I’ve been wrong.

We’ve been fully invested a lot of stocks trying to protect ourselves, buying inputs and our portfolio’s doing fine.

But you still have to be carefully, it’s a dangerous market.

But just going through Activision Blizzards, so this is Wednesdays before they open, companies reported, let’s go to Baker Hughes last year, 11 cents this year, if I look at that stock, that stock that’s a stock should be trading at.

Its all time high, but it’s probably not right cuz it’s oil and it’s gotten hit.

Goldman Sachs last year, $7 and 73 cents last year.

 $7 and 73 cents.

They reported, they were supposed to come in at $3 and 16 cents.

They reported today at $3 and 8 cents.

 Okay? So you’re looking at more than 50% cut.

So a 50% cut and let’s throw that into, I’ll just pull up a, a CNBC chart getting some extra value here for you guys.

Let’s see what Goldman Sachs is.

 So from last year, so let’s take a year chart, right? Goldman Sachs earnings down 50%.

So this name should be down significantly over the past year, right? and it’s not, it was almost under 300.

 Now it’s three 40, so it’s up 10, quarter.

That’s who we’re seeing in this market where earnings are declining but stock prices are going higher.

 That’s a recipe for disaster eventually.

 Okay guys, eventually that is going to happen.

 But just looking at that, it’s pretty crazy when you see results like that, you’re gonna at, not everything is doing great, right? Telecom, media, taking on a chin, bad news all around.

 Worker strike, writer strike workers.

 You know, few people go into the movies, which is, yeah, it looks like a secular declining industry now it just, you know, has nothing to do with COVID or whatever.

But people are not going to movies as much.

 I mean, we don’t have time.

Maybe they can get a lot of this stuff a couple weeks later.

 Just wait for it, wait for Mission Impossible come out two weeks from now and you’re streaming platform and pay for it.

 Decline in streaming revenue and ad sales.

And now you have at t and Verizon again at Wall Street or article, wall Street Journal alcohol highlighting, you know that cables covered in in lead and it’s toxic and some of ’em are underwater and all this stuff and a and t and Verizon have, are down 15% this month.

 Uh, even worse frontier.

And so it’s not limited to just those two frontiers down 34% again in July.

Booming down 20% consolidated communications down 21% at t Verizon rebound a little bit since, you know, they started looking to Wall Street Journal article and know there’s, there’s a hack job basically done by political, organizations, which we’re starting to learn now, but still it’s gonna create a overhang on them and see, with, with an industry that was basically slowing down.

 But the multiples are so low, they are growing earnings and sales pretty much fast in the overall market.

And these are names that have gotten annihilated.

 Why? Because it’s risk on, nobody cares about quality names right now.

 They’re excited.

They wanna get a thousand percent carvana’s.

 You can’t blame ’em.

Even cell tower stocks have been caught up in this American Tower, SBA Crown Castle down about 5% each this month.

 The dollar is crashing.

Have you seen that? So the dollar crashing, it’s a big deal.

Something that we call something that we said that was going to happen.

I think his drug mill just came out and said that’s his biggest trade like a month ago, a month and a half ago.

 Good job.

 But it’s crashing.

 What does that mean? It’s good for gold, good for large cap tech.

 Usually staples, industrials, oil services companies who export products overseas, which is many of the S&P 500 companies.

 But commodities, this should be a boom for commodities, right? One the biggest beneficiaries of a weak dollar.

And it’s funny because while it should be a massive beneficiary, this sector is now more undervalued compared to the Dow Jones Industrial.

So when you compare it to the DJ, I Dow Jones Industrial Average, it’s more undervalued and I’m bringing this chart up again, special for YouTube for you guys.

More undervalued than any time since you wanna take a guess cuz you’re gonna be wrong since 1900.

 I’m not kidding.

 You gotta see this chart.

 It’s unbelievable.

I posted this again @FrankCurzio.

 If you wanna go Twitter and take a look at it.

 Some of the things I say like holy s**t, but they’re more undervalued today than 1900.

 I mean 1960s, it looks like it’s a little bit below that level, but holy cow, I mean not even close when you go back to 19 80, 19 70, but all the way back.

That’s, that’s pretty crazy.

 Okay, here’s that chart if you wanna take a look at it.

Commodities versus Dow Jones Industrial average.

 Again, you can watch out on YouTube.

I’m gonna be explaining everything to you guys so you guys know, for those of you who are not watching this on YouTube and don’t wanna watch my ugly face on YouTube, but commodities in general make a lot of sense.

Probably a good time to go bottom fishing.

If you have a 24 month longer timeframe, you don’t wanna try to catch a falling knife.

And that’s what you’ve been doing basically for the past, almost since 2012, outside of a few highlighted areas.

 But junior miners, gold, silver, even uranium stocks, these names are trading well off their highs, well off their highs.

 Even though silver prices have been pretty strong, copper prices have held up pretty well.

 Gold trading near its all time high.

I know what you’re thinking.

 You’re like, Frank, did you just say 24 months? Are you outta your mind? And I get it.

 I mean everything is so real time.

You know, everything that’s happening, I get judged on a stock.

I mean Daniel recommended a stock in, in, in our Dollar Stock Club portfolio and it had some good news and it popped and I was like, wow, good job.

 He’s like, well we’ll see.

 I was like, no, everyone’s gonna say that.

That was a great pick regardless of what happens three months from now because that’s ha that’s the nature of the world.

Not even of our business but of the world, right? You say 24 months, you know, investors are like Frank, what do you want? It’s like holding for 40 years.

But the reason why I said this or I’m saying this is because this is where I made a shitload of money.

 So pay attention.

I bought into several private placements when these names got hammered in 15, And they came along with what they had to offer five year warrants.

Cuz the industry’s terrible.

Meaning that they need to offer a sweetener this way.

You take it and warrants are a great thing, right? So you get free warrants basically and you know the exercisable usually 30% on average, maybe higher than whether the stock is trading.

So if the stock really takes off, you exercise them.

 So if if just say, if the stock’s at 10 and they exercise at thir at at 13, if the stock starts at 20, you exercise at 13 and you sell ’em at 20 and that’s time I’m gonna talk about your, your position, right? So I you still have the shares.

This is like free money to you.

 This is how you make a fortune in this industry.

Now it hasn’t worked because the industry has been under lots of pressure.

It’s terrible.

And even when you saw negative real interest rates and inflation go higher, which should be good for gold stocks.

 However their costs have, they rose significantly, significantly to do business.


So it hurt them as well.

But investing these early, we saw a big spike in in commodities, and gold and and silver stocks.

 And in 2017 I’m like, oh s**t, you know, I have some of these.

 I just bought them and held them and investing, you know, across not going all in on these things, investing here, here, here, here.

Now four or five of them.

 And I was able to exercise the warrants and, and again bought these names, forgot about them and and probably made three x to five x on some of these in, in four years.

 Amazing gains in four years.

 Again, people don’t pay to four years.

 Wow, four years is too long.

 It’s not that long.

Especially when you’re seeing where commodities are and Curzio Venture, if you’re a credit investor, you are gonna get introduced to some private placements in the mining sector going forward.

 First started this newsletter, you saw some come into the portfolio but now there’s a lot of names that I like and I don’t get paid from these companies as you know, we’re independent but these are names I’m investing in personally.

I can tell you how much I’m going to put into these things and then you call the company and do what you wanna do.

So I just give you access or provide the handshake and then you do what you gotta do.

 That’s part of Curzio Venture Opportunities.

You’re not gonna see them in the portfolio of us tracking them cuz not everyone get in at the same price.

 If you’re not a credit investor, you don’t have to be in a credit investor.

 Again to Curzio Venture, again, we haven’t gotten into anything in 18 months.

There might be one here or another there.

 If you’re a credit investor, that’s something we offer in that newsletter largely stayed away from this industry.

W w comes to private placements cause it was terrible, it was horrible.

But right now if you are looking at where these stocks are trading and where the underlying commodities trading, it’s a huge disconnect.


Now you have a weaker dollar, you have central banks buying gold at the fastest pace and a half a century.

It’s a good time to allocate a little bit of money into these names.

And when I say into these names, I’m saying at at the junior minor sector as a whole, I would say maybe 7%, I would say 93% of junior minors are s**t.

 They’re structured terribly.

Which is why so many if you look right now are still trading what? trading near its all time high.

 When do you see that? When do you see that? When oil and natural gas surge you see stocks who are focused on oil and natural gas surge alongside.

Sometimes they might not go as high or but you’re gonna see them move.

You’re not gonna see oil hitting all time high and oil stocks that drove for oil be down 50%.

 You’ll never see that.

You see that in gold because it’s structured so terribly where they just dilute the s**t outta you forever then issue massive amount of warrants.

But think about all of you out there, which is a lot of you that I met, you’ve been going to mining conferences for over a decade.

 I’ve seen you there.

I talked to a lot of you and a lot of you listened to this podcast.

I wanna ask you a question.

How many stocks have you made money on that you didn’t get into a private placement in the money industry that you’re holding on today that you’re up on that you bought maybe since 2000? Let’s go 10 years.

 10 years.

So 2012 was was the bull market and then it started crashing.

But how many things over the past 10 years you’ve been pitched uranium, copper, all this s**t mining, silver.

How many names have you made money on in this sector? And a lot of you allocate a lot of money to this sector but me, I follow all sectors.

There’s times to invest in this and times not to it’s times to invest in crypto.

There’s times not to right now it’s a great time to invest in small caps right now it’s probably a great time to invest in commodities.

 It wasn’t for a while.

Now you have a lot of these tailwinds, you’re seeing this thing that’s totally out of favor, everyone hates you need to reallocate money from technology cuz it’s so over owned.

I don’t think you could own any more of it.

And you’re seeing that go into other areas.

Well the areas are starting to build up in the marketplace but commodities, wow.

I’ll tell you what, in tomorrow’s Wall Street Unplugged Premium, Daniel and I are gonna share a few names.

 Junior minors, not just any names.

Names that have strong management teams, great balance sheets, great projects with high grade gold of silver that can actually become a producing mine one day.

 One that has infrastructure in place.

I feel like that’s ignored infrastructure.

 What do you mean access to water? Having roads, being able to deliver it, having buildings, having man camp set up.

 Whatever you need to set up.

You know how much that costs and people won’t tell you that.

Cause you could find a 5 billion gold deposit in the middle of Antarctica.

They’re not gonna tell you it’s gonna cost 10 billion to get it out.

Which makes that project totally worthless.

Which is probably a lot of projects that you might have invested in over the last 10 years.

 I’ll tell you that infrastructure is huge.

When it’s near in mind and everything’s in place, it makes it a lot easier.

It lowers the cost significantly for minors who are not generating any revenue they need to lower their costs.

So I had great interview that the Curzio Venture subscribers and also Wall Street Unplugged Premium members with us Gold and CO on here.

 And it wasn’t this rah rah cheer story.

He’s like this is how we de de-risk the project.

This is how we’ve lowered costs significantly.

Cause we believe copper’s a big deal.

We could sell a lot of the rock and everything to Bart Marietta who’s right not too far away and that’s gonna bring in money for just weighs at the risk of project cause the market gets better.

That’s what these good management teams should be doing.

But also names where the signature projects are in mind friendly jurisdictions, maybe one of those names make their way into the DSC portfolio, which DSC stands for Dollar Stock Club and that’s free for all Wall Street Unplugged Premium members.

 Dale, I recommend one trading idea every single week.

My portfolio has been doing well the past couple weeks and months, right? We’ve seen the mark come back and you know we try to provide some aggressive ideas in it.

 There are some, some industry leaders as well but we think have huge upside over the next few months against a trading newsletter.

 And it’s a really cool newsletter.

Dale handles that.

We go over the ideas and that podcast and he does actually every two weeks he does a video portfolio update, which is better than me doing it cause he’s a lot better looking than me.

But get back to small caps real quick.

 Even today since if you look at the major industry, NAS s p are still, you know, wildly outperforming small caps, small caps are significantly undervalued compared to large caps and how much so? And please if you get a chance, try to look at this chart on our YouTube channel.

It’s a relative fo o p for us.

 Small versus large caps.

And this chart is unbelievable.

 Ok? You’re looking at it.

Small caps right now are more undervalued to large caps than any other time since 2000.

 And it’s not even close.

 It’s not even close.

Usually you see when the market’s like this, NASDAQ goes higher.

 Small caps, aggressive market, they go higher.

 But nobody gives a s**t about small caps.

Again, these are names that understood just like you do with your business and everyone understood in the past 12 months, hey a recession’s coming need to dial back.

They’ve done that.

 They haven’t gone up like large caps, especially tech, but you’re looking at last time they were there something value, it was 2000 before that.

The last time it was just undervalued and it wasn’t even that under the last time.

 The last comparable here, 1979.

That’s a big disconnect guys.

It’s why some of these stocks that we’re recommending we’re scaling into and some of them have gone up a hundred percent in in a month and a half, two months, right? Two names at least.

Rivian is another one of those names that we talked about and I wanna give you like too many of those names, but wow, this is what we’re seeing.

 We’re seeing and these, it’s not like, hey, you know, we’re geniuses or anything.

 No, it has nothing to do with that.

It it’s these companies reported earnings three months ago and basically came out and said all the s**t that pushed our stock down 30 40% we’ve addressed, cut our costs, focus on the sectors that are doing well is segments that are doing well and now they’re well positioned where you see in some pockets of demand in certain areas.

 And that’s where we’re looking at these companies.

But now their balance sheets are strong.

They’re buying back a s**t load of their stock as a percentage of float, much more than Apple is a percentage of a float or Google.

And these guys are buying back 10% plus of their float Apple’s buying back what? 3% of its fault.

That’s a massive amount.

 And also insiders starting to participate in that.

So for some of that comes in small caps, my whole entire life again Cramer and stocks under 10 and then now the newsletter for for Stansberry.

 You know, this is what I’ve done for pretty much 30 years.

 Uh, it’s pretty cool right now seeing great, great companies and companies that I’m looking at going, wow, this thing’s probably trading nearest two week cotton and I look and it’s down So that’s an area that’s awesome.

 Big disconnects.

 I’m still seeing, and again, it hasn’t been this big of a disconnect since 2000 and a time before that 1979.

That chart’s amazing.

 Uh, so a lot of you have taken me up on the 80% discounted offer week by any part three premium products, which is, Moneyflow Trader , Crypto Intelligence, Curzio Venture for a thousand dollars for the year for average subscription, right? Those are usually $5,000 products.

 Uh, many of you have taken Curzio Venture, which is cool.

And that subscription included 10 minute call with me.

 So That call is absolutely awesome.

I say it that I look forward to that call to those calls, cuz you know, they’re set up over the next few weeks.

 Uh, and it should be, I think cuz everyone’s happy to talk to me and they’re like, oh, this is so cool, Frank, and a new subscribers.

It’s not like I’m talking to subscriber that has like, you know, four losers and like, Frank, what the f**k? You know, it’s cool.

 Uh, but it’s nice to talk to, to everyone.

 Uh, and, and, and it’s important because one is We have slots left.

 If you’re still interested, we’re gonna pull that offer offline this week, that 10 minute call.

But more importantly is when it comes to the calls and talking to so many of you, and, and again, it’s people who are in AI and you know, there’s people in the military, people who own told me that they own a, you know, I was talking about Rivian, how amazing it is and, and how they could scale.

 And he says he owns a Rivian and, and a Mach, which is the Ford I think.

 you know, ev which is so, you know, similar to the Mustang.

 And he said the Rivian is absolutely, he’s like, as soon as I bought it, i i I bought the stock.

 Cause it’s amazing.

 I mean, just really good information talking to people, but I realize something it’s serious.

 Uh, some of you have certain newsletters that you need help extracting the most value out of.

 Uh, some have subscriptions that you may wanna switch to something else or something’s coming up or whatever.

 But talking to you personally, it was such a big deal in a positive experience, for the first time in our history of Curzio Research, we’re gonna have an active support line, okay? Uh, we’re gonna offer this and we’re offering this, you know, we’re growing but actively looking at, at, you know, customer retention.

And we have the ability to do that as a small company.

Have the ability to really talk to you over the phone and talk to you about your memberships, discuss how, you know, you may be positioned a certain way or again, we can’t get financial advice, but you know, you might have a certain allocation to, to whatever.

And we’re like, Hey, these newsletters might serve you better and maybe a subscription’s coming up and you, and you know, we’ll say, okay, you know, add it to this or whatever.

It’s just different things that we could do for you, especially since a lot of you have been clients for me for a long time.

 Uh, and also we have the ability to discuss, you know, most exciting opportunities we have.

 Like what I said, small caps are really, really exciting.

You’ve never seen me talk about Curzio Venture Opportunities the way I’ve talked about over the past two, three months.

 I’ll say, Hey, this is a good opportunity.

 This is great.

 I mean, I’ve been pushing it and I’m, I’m pushing it because this is what I’m seeing.

This is where I’m putting my own money.

 Uh, but yeah, I wanna offer that service.

 That’s more value to you guys.

 Uh, you’re gonna start getting emails about this in the coming days.

 Again, it’s not anything you need to do.

I’m just saying if you wanna call and talk a little bit more about your subscriptions or anything or things that we could do.

Cause a lot of you have different subscriptions and I wanna make sure you know, you’re using the right way.

 We try to explain that in, you know, our newsletters and behind the paywall and stuff like that.

 But again, not everyone has a lot of time to see everything that we produce and everything we do.

 And that call was essential.

 Where, you know, there’s people that have been with me for a very long time and they’re like, well, I really would like it.

 And I was able to provide them a discount, even bigger discount because they paid like, you know, $10,000 over four or five years in subscriptions.

 And I’m like, okay, that’s something that, you know, we’re able to do through the support line, which is cool again, it it’s really about the customers and treating ’em well.

And by talking, we know.

 And, and, and again, talking to so many of you through this offer, it really, it ensures that one that we’re there for you, but also from your point of view, it, it’s, Hey, you know, how many people in our industry could you do that for? Like how many newsletters you subscribe to that you’re seeing that were, you’re able to talk to the person who has their name on the door.

 Uh, but through the customer support, again, we’re gonna have a couple people, they’ll be trained that are great, that are gonna be able to talk to you about the products and offerings and things like that and just, you know, be able to help you.

Can you get emails on how to contact them if you want? They’re not gonna call you blindly or whatever.

 You just say, Hey, you know what, I’d like to speak to someone, arrange a call with them.

 And, and it’s really, really cool.

 And, and that’s again, an added value of our service.

 Uh, and a feature that we wanna separate ourselves from everyone else in the industry.

 So, spend a couple emails, take advantage of it if you’re a paid subscriber.

 Cause again, there’s a lot of you now a lot of people come in, we try to treat everybody the same, but sometimes we’ll have someone that, that subscriber for, you know, since the Cramer days and maybe wants a product or something and, and there’s things that we could do.

Or maybe there’s things that we could switch around for you guys and it helps tremendously.

 And I tell you, after every one of those calls when people get off, they’re really thankful, they feel comfortable, they trust you a lot more.

 And that’s what we want.

That’s what we wanna do for Curzio Research.

So you’ll see that in the coming days.

 Again, that’s not sales or anything, that’s just to help you guys out added value and hopefully you guys appreciate it.

 So that’s it for me.

 Questions, comments for the email frank@curzioresearch.com.

From Wall Street Unplugged Premium members.

I will see you tomorrow with the one, only Daniel Creech.

 See you then.

Be careful with these markets.

 Pretty crazy.

 But enjoy the run up.

 And again, we’re gonna come some mining stocks tomorrow, junior miners that look promising given that commodities are more devalued than any time since 1900.

 Are you kidding me? Are you absolutely insane? Not to mention that now with the week of dollar these stocks have the ability to go up hundreds and hundreds of percent.

 That’s what happens.

That’s why people invest in junior minors because they want catch the cycle.

You’re close to the cycle.

 Might not happen in three months, might not happen in six months, might happen nine months, but right now the prices, you’re able to get some of these in the good names can share something with you tomorrow.

You have a huge opportunity cuz now you have all these tailwinds in your favorite.


 So we’ll go over those names tomorrow, we’ll show up a premium.

 I’ll see you then.

 Take care.

Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged is produced by Curzio Research, one of the most respected financial media companies in the industry. The information presented on Wall Street Unplugged is the opinion of its host and guests. You should not base your investment decisions solely on this broadcast. Remember, it’s your money, and your responsibility.


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