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Ignore economists… Watch the NCAA tournament instead

March Madness is upon us… I hope you take time to watch the amazing NCAA tournament.

Many listeners know I’m a diehard Jayhawks fan, and today I answer a question on how far I think they can go.

Trying to predict the future can be exhausting when making investments. I explain why—in most cases—you shouldn’t pay much attention to forecasts beyond two years… and why you should ignore economists altogether.

One of the most difficult decisions investors face is when—and what—to sell. Don’t make it too complicated… I share a simple strategy for selling out of investments when the time comes.

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P.S. We’re still welcoming new equity owners to Curzio Research. We’ve hit our soft cap, and our security token is now being offered to outside investors. So if you’ve been thinking of joining us, it’s not too late to invest… But as soon as we hit our hard cap, the offering will close.

To learn more, go to our dedicated Curzio Equity Owners site.


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