Use The Media’s “Agenda” to Pocket Huge Gains

Ignore the crazy headlines…

In this episode, we talk about how to use the media’s “agenda” to pocket huge gains in stocks. Most headlines are exaggerated. They include phrases like “market crash” and “trade wars.”

It doesn’t matter. The market is flat this year and America is not in a trade war with any nation… The media exaggerates these headlines to get page views. That’s how they make money.

Yet these headlines (including tweets from our president) can temporarily influence stocks, causing disconnects between a company’s fundamentals and stock price. Smart investors can use these disconnects to invest in some of the world’s greatest companies – like Amazon or Facebook – at incredible discounts.

Also in this episode, we breakdown the best banking stock to own right now (it’s not JP Morgan)… and why one major airline will see its stock price rise much higher from here.

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0:42 – Long time listener Joe thanks me for my insight on the oil market and asked if he should invest in small or large caps.

5:22 – When you should jump into the oil market… and who is carrying the market.

13:23 – Listener Derrick: Since when is there a maintenance fee on your Curzio Research Advisory Lifetime membership?

13:58 – How the Lifetime membership subscription works.

24:15 – Listener Dave: How much attention should investors give to employee engagements and potential unionization attempts?

35:03 – Ten-year listener Doug asks whether he should keep his money in a current stock pick I recommended a while back.

40:35 – I’ll be launching a product that’s new to the industry… It will include a weekly new pick.

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