Add these treasures to your portfolio

Billy Arthur Jr. is always finding things… things other people walk right by without noticing.

“I’ve always been interested in what’s on the ground,” he said. “Where am I? On the ground…”

You see, Billy is a dwarf.

But what started as a habit of circumstance turned into a profitable hobby…

Billy has found gold, quartz crystals, petrified wood, an 1870 Indian Head penny, and a Little Orphan Annie radio badge…

But Billy is more than a “finder” in the accidental sense. He’s also a coin collector. On a hunt for his favorite coin—Canadian dimes—Billy was directed to a pawn shop two counties over. The proprietors showed him to the buckets of foreign coins, and he went to work sorting them.

When Billy finished making a pile of the ones he wanted to buy—including a 1625 Austria thaler—the shop owners raked the coins into a bag and simply gave it to him because they loved his enthusiasm—about $500 worth of collectibles, for free

Billy is a hobbyist. He’s not in it to make huge gains. He’s in it because he loves collectibles… the history… the stories… They’re in his blood (his late father owned a popular collectibles shop).

But for many, investing in collectibles can be much more than a hobby. It can be a lucrative way to diversify your portfolio…

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If you’re a regular listener to my Wall Street Unplugged podcast, you’ve likely heard me talk about the opportunities in the collectibles market.

A few months ago, I interviewed Van Simmons on my show. He’s a legend in the coin and collectibles industry… and co-founder of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), the largest rare coin grading service in the world.

Van’s been collecting coins since he was 12 and has been a dealer since 1979. Like gold, rare coins are a store of value. A way to hedge portfolio risk. It’s not a market you trade in-and-out of like stocks and bonds. But as Van explained, everything goes through cycles—and that includes the various collectibles markets.

Gold coins will fluctuate as the price of gold moves higher and lower. In the U.S., the rare coin market has been experiencing a bit of a slump for some time. But the international coin market is seeing exceptional growth…

Investors search for quality in the rare coin market. And a slump is a great time to find quality coins for cheap prices.

But you don’t have to be a collector, per se, to get in on collectibles…

We recently recommended a collectibles company to All-Star Portfolio members with a simple yet fantastic business model. The brand is one of the best in the industry… and it’s expanding into new categories.

The management team currently owns 12% of the company. And as I always say, nothing illustrates confidence in the company like high insider ownership. It shows that the guys at the helm believe in the company’s long-term strategy… and management interests are aligned with shareholder interests.

To top it all off, this company is focused on returning cash to shareholders… paying a 4%-plus dividend—more than double the average yield of an S&P 500 company.

It’s not often you get to buy a great brand at a great price… And you can access this name—as well as many other under-the-radar insider picks—for only $1. Go here to learn more.

Or you could just look for treasures on the ground…

P.S. There’s a new breed of cryptocurrency taking the market by storm… security tokens. They allow you to own a piece of a collectible… like a work of art… or Babe Ruth’s rookie card… in a way never before possible.

Security tokens are also a new way to own an equity stake in a startup company. Soon, we’ll be issuing a security token offering (STO) for Curzio Research. It’s a chance for accredited investors to participate in our long-term growth… and collect a nice dividend in the process. Go here for more information.


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