A nest egg to leave your grandkids

In the late 1990s, my dad flew to Texas to see a small land grant company he was interested in recommending to his subscribers: Texas Pacific Land Trust.

I thought Dad was crazy. Internet stocks were the talk of the town—and where I was placing my bets.

Just about every new tech company that went public in the late ‘90s was doubling, tripling, or more… within days or even mere hours. As a young and oh-so-confident analyst, I had no interest in buying a land company and holding it long-term.

So of course I didn’t believe him.

And of course I was an idiot.

Companies like Texas Pacific fly under the radar of most investors and brokerage firms. It’s an operator of land… sitting on property for years, looking to sell or lease it.

And most land operators have strong balance sheets and rarely acquire companies. That means there’s no value for Wall Street to provide research on these companies, since they won’t generate investment fees.

Companies like that rarely capture media attention. They don’t flaunt exciting technologies like artificial intelligence or augmented reality.

But tech stocks are getting hammered right now. And these under-the-radar investments can generate life-changing returns for investors… especially if you buy them at the right time.

In fact, if I’d bought Texas Pacific back then… I’d be sitting on gains of over 11,000%.

And there’s one under-the-radar land company right now that reminds me of Texas Pacific in the late 1990s…

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With humble roots in cattle ranching and fruit farming, this company now manages world-class properties… providing leases, utilities, and resort amenities.

This company acquired tens of thousands of acres over 100 years ago. And right now its land is valued for pennies on the dollar. That’s incredible, considering the property is prime real estate—located in one of the most beautiful and prominent places in America.

Like Texas Pacific, it’s just a matter of time before the value of this real estate is realized. Once it is, you could very well generate more than three times (3x) your investment… And that’s based on super conservative estimates.

And it’s not a typical “land play.” Remember, land is carried on the balance sheet at cost. Since this company purchased its acreage more than 80 years ago, it’s being valued at a fraction of what it’s worth today.

In other words, this isn’t just an opportunity to buy a company with cheap assets… this is an opportunity to pick up a premier land-holding company at an incredible discount. Buying shares at the current depressed prices allows us to hold shares long-term until the company’s value (nearly 400% upside based on my estimates) is recognized.

The value of this land will eventually be understood. And the potential returns could be extraordinary… but it’ll require patience.

I recommended this company to my Curzio Venture Opportunities subscribers a few months ago. We’re already up about 11%. There’s still time to get in on this opportunity if you haven’t already… but we’re getting super close to my recommended buy-up-to price.

If you’re a Venture member, you know how important diversification is for lowering our risk… and the Venture portfolio reflects a broad range of sectors—from IoT to oil to biotech to REITs…

If you’re not yet a Venture member, you can click here to subscribe and get the name of the company I’ve detailed today. It’s a simple yet fantastic way to diversify with real estate.

The holidays are coming… So if you really want to give your kids or grandkids something special, buy a few thousand dollars’ worth of this stock—and forget about it. One day they’ll have a nice little nest egg.

Note: Curzio Venture Opportunities isn’t for everyone. This service is primarily higher-risk, higher-reward opportunities… including exclusive private placement deals. Go here to see if it’s right for you

Once you subscribe, you’ll have immediate access to the new “Texas Pacific” I mentioned above—plus all my special reports—and get my newest triple-digit opportunity… released in tomorrow’s issue.


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