Wall Street Unplugged: Best of 2017

This week we have a special holiday treat…

A short compilation of our most talked-about Wall Street Unplugged podcasts this year.

Some of these episodes generated more listener feedback than others…

And some were chock full of can’t-miss investor education and ideas we haven’t heard anywhere else…

It was tough to narrow down the list, but the clear 2017 “winner” covered the hottest topics of the year: Bitcoin and Blockchain.

If you’re still unclear about the value of cryptocurrencies and what they mean for our future, Chris MacIntosh unfolds one of the best arguments I’ve heard yet. And based on the feedback, listeners thought so too…

But without further ado… Here are the top episodes from 2017:

Ep. 573: Chris MacIntosh: Why Bitcoin Could Surge to $40,000

Ep. 569: Jordan Trimble: Uranium is Finally Taking Off

Ep. 529: Michael Alkin: The Art of Short Selling

Ep. 499: Panna Sharma: Changing the Face of Cancer

Ep. 493: John Petrides: Discover the Next Trend Gurus are Betting On

Ep. 491: Fund Manager Frank Holmes Unplugged

As always, thanks for turning in… and Happy Holidays!

Frank Curzio


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